APTA Expo November 8-10, 2021 @ Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Booth # 1064

About APTA Expo

Gathering professionals in the core of the growing public transit industry from around the globe, APTA's TRANSform Conference & EXPO connects the industry with what’s new and what’s next by providing a comprehensive showcase of technology, product, and services. Join Premio at APTA expo from November 8-10, 2021 at Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida. Stop by Premio’s booth #1064 to learn how our robust lineup of rugged edge computers add reliable value to intelligent transportation systems.

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Intelligent Public Transportation

Intelligent public transportation utilizes AI and connectivity to increase safety, mobility, and efficiency of public transit systems. Edge computers are deployed to supply compute power and connectivity to collect, process, and transfer data for route planning, predictive maintenance, fuel consumption analysis, and mechanical performance of vehicles. Intelligent transportation systems are also deployed to provide passengers with accurate, real-time status and schedule information to facilitate smooth and safe transit experiences.  

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Follow the link to learn how a major bus and transportation company in the Nordic region partnered with Premio Inc. to deploy industrial edge computers to improve travelers’ and commuters' experience.

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Vehicle Telematics for Fleet Management

Vehicle telematics combine "telecommunication" and "information processing” technologies to collect vehicle data and generate actionable insights to improve safety and efficiency. Real time data aggregation and processing is critical to generate timely, accurate insights such as speed, location, fuel consumption, and vehicle condition to manage and optimize operations. With hundreds of sensors now populated in modern day vehicles, an onboard system with robust connectivity, processing power, and data storage is critical for vehicle telemetry.

Follow the link to learn why a major U.S. truck manufacturer selected and implemented Premio’s rugged computing technology to further its autonomous routing capabilities.

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ADAS and Autonomous Driving

Training the advanced AI models for Autonomous vehicle (AV) systems and driver assistance systems (ADAS) requires massive amounts of data from high-resolution cameras and sensors. Next-gen hardware are required to support the advanced software algorithms in data aggregation, processing, and storage.

Premio’s AI Edge Inference Computers are designed and engineered to provide high performance computing power to deliver mission-critical reliability when it matters most. With cutting edge technology such as 5G connectivity, multi core CPUs, GPUs, TPUs and NVMe SSDs, Premio’s AI edge inference computers can be pushed to computing extremes on and off the road.

In-Vehicle Fanless Computer

Designed and manufactured with mobility in mind, Premio’s ACO Series in-vehicle computers are scalable and flexible solutions for in-vehicle computing workloads. The ACO Series is optimized for transportation deployments with features such as power ignition management, power protection, modular PoE/Lan ports expansion, CANBus protocol, and robust connectivity. In addition, the ACO Series are certified with CE, FCC, E-Mark, EMC Conformity, EN50155 & 50121-3-2 Railway Compliance and more.

Follow the link to find out why one leading global railway solution provider with offices in more than 50 countries chose Premio’s ACO series for its railway signaling infrastructure.

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