Snapshots into the Edge

Current Trends for Edge Computing
& How Premio’s Industrial Computing Solutions are Positioned

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Key Takeaways:
  • Overview of the latest market trends, technology advancements, and key driving factors for industrial edge computing
  • Matrix breakdown for specific Premio computing solutions designed for device edge applications that require real-time performance, lower-latency, and rugged reliability.
  • Glimpse into the role of leading semiconductors and how Premio leverages key technologies to design rugged edge AI hardware.
Executive Summary

Premio's Snapshots into the Edge ebook provides a concise view of the 'edge continuum', focusing on market projections, industry growth, and the role of semiconductors in enhancing edge AI capabilities within robust hardware solutions. The integration of AI technologies with edge computing is a transformative force, garnering significant interest from organizations worldwide. The synergy between AI and edge computing is expected to deepen, leading to more intelligent, secure, and efficient solutions.

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In an era marked by increasing connectivity, data-centricity, and the imperative for instantaneous decision-making, edge computing has risen as a crucial technology to address the requirements of the digital age. Leading the way are contemporary developments like Edge AI and Edge Computer Vision, spearheading a wave of innovative technologies that leverage machine intelligence and automation to unlock remarkable advantages in diverse applications. This ebook will briefly identify the latest market trends, technology advancements, and key driving factors for industrial edge computing.

Trends to Watch Now

Edge AI

Edge AI brings the power of AI to the edge, enabling real-time data processing, reduced latency, and enhanced security

Edge Computer Vision

Edge computer vision allows edge devices like industrial-grade computers to analyze visual data locally to provide immediate insights and action.

Key Predictions at the Edge

1. AI and Edge Computing
Synergy between AI and edge computing reshaping industries and paving way for new use cases from smart cities to autonomous vehicles

2. Edge AI and Critical Role of Semiconductors
Semiconductor design and heterogenous compute architecture enable real-time processing and AI capabilities for power-efficiency

3. Rise of OT/IT Convergence
The rise of digital transformation and industry 4.0 technologies are starting to bridge the gap between computing, networking, and data management (IT) with real-time monitoring sensors, and perception systems (OT).

4. Network Flexibility at the Edge
Wireless connectivity technologies like 5G, 4G, WiFi, and Ethernet enable benefits for lower latency and higher bandwidth for infrastructure trends in public/private edge cloud.

The User Edge: Performance Matrix

In the dynamic realm of Edge Computing, semiconductors are pivotal in revolutionizing data processing. Emphasizing energy efficiency, real-time processing, and AI capabilities, semiconductor vendors lead the way in this transformative journey.

Premio Product Mix Benefits:

  • Industrial-grade computing solutions engineered for edge-native processing to meet a variety of workload demands from power-efficiency to high performance.
  • Product segmentation to address key computing demands for lite, mid, and high-performance requirements away from the cloud and closer to IoT sensors
  • Hardware focus on ruggedization and embedded longevity for ultimate reliability and durability

Constrained Edge

End User Edge


Distributed Edge

Data Center Edge Cloud



Power Efficient

Fan Cooled


Specialized Hardware for Edge AI

Edge Computing operates in a unique model characterized by constrained resources, environmental challenges, stringent power limitations, and the demand for real-time processing. Industrial edge computers leverage specialized hardware acceleration technologies to empower AI workloads efficiently.

  • Deploy confidently into harsh factory/outdoor environments for 24/7 operations
  • Each component are domain-specific architectures with the similar objectives to address specific edge AI demands
Performance Accelerator: Benefits:
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Parallel Processing, significant # of cores compared to CPU
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU): Power efficient, SFF AI-specific accelerators
Neural Processing Unit (NPU): New & upcoming, integrating AI processing capabilities onto CPU
Network Interface Card (Smart NIC): Implements AI into I/O for optimized data to be processed by CPU

Key Technologies for Rugged Edge AI

Rugged edge computers are built with enhanced durability and ruggedized features that are specifically engineered to withstand volatile environments to perform mission-critical workloads without failing. Premio’s industrial grade designs bring key technologies together with scalable and modular solutions to provide enhanced reliability and expandability that help enable rugged edge AI.