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About Embedded Technology Convention USA 2022

With over 5,000 hardware and systems technology manufacturers gathered to present the latest machinery and offer innovative services, Embedded Technology Convention is the place to be. From industrial automation, healthcare, to security and surveillance, this convention is perfect for networking opportunities with over 15 different industries sectors to cater towards. Gain insight from the perspectives of influential keynote speakers who have been in their industry for many years and are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovating the future.

Event: Embedded Technology Convention 2022   
Date: June 8-9, 2022   
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, NV 
Booth #: 7027 
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Powering Industry 4.0 with Edge Computing

Edge Computing for Industrial and In-Vehicle Applications

The foundation of Industry 4.0 relies on the compute power and capabilities of computers to operate reliably with IoT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors. Without the functionality of embedded computer systems, IoT is inoperable. The Cloud allows for complex data to be processed rapidly and stored accordingly in its vast data centers. However, there is an introduction of latency. Premio solves this problem by localizing the computing power to the premises, The Rugged Edge. Ruggedized Industrial Computers purposely built for different industrial applications allow IoT devices to operate seamlessly, without reliance on the Cloud. Whether it be In-Vehicle where wireless connectivity can be spotty, real-time decision making and compute power for AI inferencing is required or stationed in a remote and space constrained location where the computing power needs to be reliable and low-maintenance, Premio has the computing solution. 

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High-Performance, Smaller Form Factor

Small Form Factor Comparison for RCO-3000-CFL

There is a demand for high-performance industrial computers built smaller and Premio’s latest SFF PC, RCO-3000-CFL, is the solution. With an ultra-compact structure, it can be fitted into space-constrained locations and operate reliably with minimal maintenance required. Unlike other SFF industrial computers built with SoC in mind, our latest SFF PC has a socket type processor design offering faster and powerful multicore performance. Multicore socket type design unlocks data intensive application capabilities such as machine vision, AI inferencing, factory automation, and more. Premio’s latest SFF PC is the best of both worlds with an ultra-compact design and high-performance components. 

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Versatility with Industrial SBCs

Single Board Computers SBC for space constrained locations

Industrial SBCs (Single-Board Computers) are purpose-built to perform specific tasks that require significant performance, like Premio’s 3.5” SBC with 8th gen Intel mobile-u processor, while also remaining in a ruggedized small form factor. Since SBCs are built small, it allows them to have the versatility and flexibility to be installed into space constrained spaces like factory automation, kiosks, digital signage stands, and more. Industrial SBCs are assembled with plentiful I/O options allowing for multiple IoT devices to be connected simultaneously and are built rugged to withstand harsh factory environments and conditions. These key features are the driving factors of an industrial-grade SBC and allow for reliable, modern edge computing the board level.  

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Product Showcase

Industrial SBCs (3.5" WHL-UE & 2.5" PICO ITX)

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Fanless Mini PCs (BCO-1000 & RCO-1000 Series, BCO-2000-WHL-U Series)

Our fanless mini computers are purpose-built to be installed in space-constrained locations such as kiosks and other small enclosures. Not only does it bring essential I/O to drive performance to IoT sensors in these limited locations, Premio’s mini computers are capable of operating in wide temperature and voltage ranges with resistance to shock and vibration

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Fanless SFF PCs (RCO-3000-CFL Series)

Premio’s latest SFF PC delivers multi-core performance with 9th gen Intel Core socket processors all while remaining in a small form factor. With a socket type design, performance is significantly enhanced compared to a SoC (System on Chip). This SFF PC is workload consolidation ready, equipped with Isolated GPIO for programmable automation triggers and high-speed USB and Serial ports. 

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In-Vehicle PCs (ACO-6000-KBL Series)

Installing a computer into a vehicle is an obstacle that Premio has overcome. Our In-Vehicle computer is built specifically for vehicle applications in compliance with E-Mark, EN50155, EN50121, and EMC conformity. The ACO-6000-KBL provides plentiful I/O ports and Power Ignition Management to operate and be compatible with any vehicular application.

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AI Edge Inference PCs (RCO-6000-CFL Series)

Premio enables real-time data analysis and AI inferencing with our AI Edge Inference Computers. Built modular with the top node being the industrial fanless PC and bottom node acting as the performance acceleration EdgeBOOST node. Leverage data with a bountiful supply of data storage using NVMe U.2 drive canisters and drive hardware acceleration with an RTX 2060 SUPER.  

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Touchscreen Panel PC (VIO-200 Series)

Visualize data analytics with Premio’s modular touchscreen panel PCs. The ruggedized computer and IP65 rated touchscreen monitor are built modularly for ease of upgradability and portability. The touchscreen uses PCAP touch technology allowing for rapid response on touch and multi-touch capabilities.  

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