Sneak Peek: Episode 3 on "Made In America" Featuring Premio Inc.

The global supply chain disruption fueled by the pandemic has created challenges for businesses worldwide. Seeing how this supply chain breakdown is affecting the global economy, the United States government and enterprises recognize the urgency in bringing manufacturing capacity back to the US. Sign up now and join us on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022, at 9AM PT/ 11AM CT / 12PM ET for the premiere of the latest episode of “Made In America”, a series presented by Marketscale. 

In this web series, Marketscale hits the road in search of America’s most interesting companies to answer one question: Why are you proud to be made or assembled in America? In this episode, the Marketscale team visits Premio Inc. in Los Angeles, California a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud to learn about their capabilities in the design, manufactuirng, and deployments of industrial-grade compute solutions.

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Key Takeaways

  1. The global supply chain disruption urges the US Government and enterprises to re-evaluate the long-term feasibility of relying heavily on overseas supplier for manufacturing.

  2. Key players in the tech industry are investing heavily in bringing the manufacturing capability back to the US; how will localized manufacturing and partnerships reduce lead-times and accelerate time to market?

  3. For over 30+ years, Premio Inc. has built and refined its expertise in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of purpose-built hardware computing solutions within the US. Get a step-by-step snapshot of Premio’s manufacturing and operations from beginning to end. 

Proudly Designed and Assembled In the US - Premio Inc.


For over 32 years, Premio Inc.’s robust capabilities in computing design, product engineering, and agile manufacturing for Embedded IoT Computers ,  Rugged Edge Computers,  HMI Displays  and  HPC Storage Servers has helped customers to manage complex, highly specialized workloads in many data-driven industries. With a 150,000 sqft ISO 13485 & 90001 facility strategically located in Southern California, Premio specializes in providing exceptional flexibility in product innovation, time to market, and scalability to accommodate customers across different industries. Some of the key market verticals Premio Inc. serves fall into:

  • Rugged Edge Computing  
  • Industrial Automation  
  • Kiosk  
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics  
  • Security and surveillance  
  • Surface and Underground Mining  
  • Fleet telematics and ADAS vehicle storage.    

Built Rugged. Built Ready - Rugged Edge Computing

The explosion of data generated by Industry 4.0 and IoT devices are sending a massive amount of data to the Cloud for processing and storage. With the Moore’s law slowing down, Edge Computing, a decentralized computing infrastructure, is picking up the traction to help improve bandwidth utilization, reduce latency, and to facilitate real-time data processing for faster actionable data insights.

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Often times, edge computers are deployed under remote, harsh industrial environments with extreme temperatures, exposure to water and dust, and constant shock and vibration. Follow the link to learn the 10 essential requirements for edge computers to thrive under such challenging settings. 

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Gartner estimates 75% of the data will be processed outside of the Cloud by 2025. Are you Rugged Edge ready? Download Premio's Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook for a comprehensive view of Rugged Edge Computing and how to build a robust hardware strategy to enable real-time data processing for fast and more precise actions right at the Edge.

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