Industrial PC Company and Manufacturer in California

Industrial PC Company and Manufacturer | Premio Inc.

Premio has been designing and manufacturing industrial PCs and computers in the United States for over 30 yearsPremio is a global supplier of industrial computing solutions that include fanless computers, rugged industrial PCs, Ai edge inference computers, in-vehicle computers, HMI displays, and HPC Storage Servers. 

Premio’s industrial computing solutions are often deployed in extremely challenging environments, both above the ground and underground. Our systems feature advanced ingress protection, protecting systems from the ingress of dust, small particles, and water. Additionally, our systems feature shock and vibration resistance, allowing deployment in environments where they will be exposed to frequent shock and vibration. That said, wherever you choose to deploy Premio hardware, you should be confident that it’s built to last even in the most challenging environments. 

At Premio, an industrial computer company, we go to extraordinary lengths to solve our customers tough challenges. If a customer needs a product, we do everything that we can to ensure that the solutions we offer meet their specific requirements and have a long operational life. Our goal is to provide our customers with industrial computing solutions that will succeed in environments where other solutions will fail. 

Why Should You Choose Premio As Your Industrial PC Company and Manufacturer? 

You should choose Premio as your industrial computer company for a number of reasons. First, you should choose us because we offer embedded computing solutions that are built to perform optimally and reliably over the long haul, no matter how challenging the deployment environment. Second, our team of professional engineers is here to help you find the right product and customize it according to your specific requirements. Also, they will be there for you with after-sale support. Fourth, we have hardened our products with our rugged series of industrial PCs, giving them a wide temperature range, ranging from -40C to 85C, demonstrating extreme reliability under brutal environmental conditions.

What Does the Industrial Computer Manufacturer Provide? 

Premio provides embedded computing solutions via a wide variety of products that can be customized according to our customers specific requirements. Our industrial computing solutions are designed and built for performance-driven applications, such as industrial automation and control, security and surveillance, medical and diagnostic equipment, intelligent transportation systems, IoT gateways, and many other applications. 

Some of the products that Premio offers include fanless industrial computers, rugged industrial PCs, rackmount computers, DIN rail PCs, machine vision computers, and a variety of other industrial computing solutions.  

Premio has been serving the industrial computing industry since 1989, assisting people and organizations with solving real-world problems by matching them with the ideal embedded computing solution. Every system that leaves our shipment center is tested and validated to operate reliably, ensuring that you receive fully functional systems that are ready for deployment straight out of the box. 

How Is an Industrial Computer Company Different From a Re-seller? 

Industrial computer companies and manufacturers, such as Premio, are different from re-sellers in that they design, engineer, test, prototype, and produce their own industrial computing systemsOn the other hand, re-sellers re-sell products they’ve purchased from other manufacturers under their own brandMost re-sellers offer value-added services that cater to specific market verticals but when it comes to overall product design and innovation, manufactures of industrial computers lead the way. Since most re-sellers do not produce their own products, they have little control over the quality of the products they produce; instead, they put trust in the manufacturers they select as their supplier 

Moreover, industrial PC manufacturers can serve customers more quickly than re-sellers because they have greater control of the supply chain and stocking strategies for inventory for standard products that they make, reducing the usual lead time from 12 to 14 to just 6 to 8 weeks. This can vary significantly if you purchase industrial computers from re-sellers because they face challenges with stocking different product brands and different variations of the same product. So, if you want to receive your products within a reasonable amount of time, you should purchase them directly from an industrial computer manufacturer. 

Additionally, since re-sellers typically re-sell industrial computers and do not produce their own, they do not have the ability to customize products according to customers’ specific requirements. On the other hand, purchasing from a manufacturer such as Premio offers you the ability to completely customize your industrial PC due to a variety of engineering resourcesWe have a team of engineers in the United States that is ready to customize and produce industrial computing solutions according to your specific requirements. 

 As an original design manufacture (ODM) for 30+ years, Premio extensively invests in researching, designing, and building systems according to the industry standards and specificationsInvesting in research, development, and validation allows Premio to create new and innovative next-gen products on roadmaps for many customers and re-sellers in the industry. 

Furthermore, we test and validate every single industrial PC that leaves our factory to ensure that they’re fully functional, ready for deployment straight out of the box. We also have a U.S-based technical support team that will promptly address any concerns or issues that you may have. 

What Are Industrial Computers? 

As the name suggests, industrial computers are industrial computing solutions that are used for the performance of entry-level and complex workloads in challenging environments. As such, industrial PCs must be hardened to endure challenging deployments.


Typically, industrial PCs employ a fanless design where the internal heat-generating components are cooled down via the use of heatsinks
. By eliminating fans from the system, our engineers were capable of creating a system that’s completely closed with no vents or opening. The removal of vents and openings from the system results in a solution that is resistant to dust and small particles since there are no vents or openings through which they can enter the system.  

Also, industrial computers are cableless, meaning the cables have been eliminated from the system. The removal of cables improves the shock and vibration resistance of the system. This is so because the fewer the moving parts there are, the less that can go wrong. Industrial PCs can also be equipped with SSDs (solid-state drives), which add to the systems reliability and durability. This is so because SSDs are better capable of handling exposure to shock and vibration since they store data on NAND chips, which can better handle exposure to shock and vibration than are the spinning metal platters used by hard drives to store data. Overall, industrial PC computers are hardened to withstand deployment in harsh environments where regular desktop PCs will fail.  

Where is the Industrial PC Company Based?

Premio has been designing and manufacturing embedded computing solutions in Los Angeles, California United States, for over 30 years. By manufacturing our systems in the United States, we are ensuring timely access to and availability of industrial computing solutions. Premio is recognized as a leading innovator and provider of industrial embedded computing solutions, most notably rugged industrial PCs, SBCs (single board computers), fanless mini computers, machine vision, rugged edge computers, and other industrial computing solutions.

Bottom Line 

Premio’s embedded computers have served as the building blocks for many industrial applications that require reliable computing platforms to manage both entry-level and complex workloads in challenging environments that are not suitable for regular, consumer-grade desktop computers.  For more than 30 years, our engineers have helped customers tackle the greatest challenges in industrial board designs, computing reliability and validation, and turnkey product customization. As technology advances, Premio is your dedicated partner for industrial computing solutions in emerging markets that include smart factories, manufacturing automation and control, smart cities, intelligent healthcare, security and surveillance, intelligent transportation, energy and environment, and facial and object recognition.