31 Years of Industrial Computing Success: Three Standout Strengths About Premio Inc.


Today officially wraps-up a major milestone in Premio Inc.’s long-withstanding history for successful business partnerships in high-performance computing technologies. Premio Inc’s achievements through our 30-year milestone proves to be an incredible testament to the dedication from our employees and for our partners across the world. On behalf of the entire Premio Inc organization and its executive team, we would like to share our deep appreciation for our loyal employees and partners; Happy 31st Anniversary to all the dedicated members of the Premio family!


Over the past 30 years, Premio Inc. has solidified its expertise and knowledge in computing design, product engineering, and agile manufacturing for hardware-solutions embedded with robust processing technology. Today Premio is a full-scale hardware technology company with the capability to design and manufacture purpose-built Embedded IoT Computers ,  Rugged Edge Computers,  HMI Displays  and  HPC Storage Servers for the fastest growing markets.  Premio’s experience in product engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the United States continues to be an asset for many enterprise clients with computing demands.  Our core competencies reside in our engineering design that helps our clients achieve a rapid time-to-market by deploying purpose-built products, also backed by an ISO- certified (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485) manufacturing facility for incredible scale.   

As a leader in enterprise-level computing solutions, here are 3 strengths behind Premio’s 31 years in business and how we have helped our partners succeed.

Our brand slogan says it all, “Your Success, Our Commitment”  

  1. Engineering Design and Validation

    Premio Inc.’s computing solutions and the partners that deploy our hardware products fall into some of the most technical markets that require quality and reliability. Over the past 31 years, our computing products have provided the behind-the-scene processing for many embedded and IoT applications. Some of the key market vertical our products and services support focus in industrial automation, testing equipment and metrology, kiosk machines, security and surveillance, fleet telematics, railway,  surface and underground mining, cybersecurity, content delivery networks, enterprise IT storage to name a few. Since many of these enterprise-level markets require industrial-grade solutions for mission-critical applications, Premio Inc.’s long-history of product engineering and validation proves to be extremely valuable for our partners. Our global team of hardware engineers become the “inside-outsource” in partner organizations by taking ownership of next-gen architecture designs but also ensuring testing/validation for computing success. With over 100+ engineers experienced in the electrical, mechanical, firmware, BIOS, quality, and reliability of system-level computing, we help our partners turn ideas into reality.  Our engineering design and validation knowledge focuses on system-level architecture that ensure both reliability, scalability, and long-term success. Another key benefit from our engineering resources lies within our in-house testing facilities that offer design validation and environmental testing of computing solutions.  Our reliability and testing equipment range from temperature and humidity chamber, thermal shock chambers, vibration and shock tables, and signal/EMI integrity testers. Learn more about our product engineering services. 

    industrial pc design and validation

    1. Scalable Manufacturing and Quality Management Systems

      In addition to Premio Inc.’s robust engineering design and validation for computing solutions, our partners also leverage a full-scale localized manufacturing arm. Located in  Los Angeles, CA our  150,000 sqft shopfloor offers multiple types of  automated assembly-lines that provide scalable computer  integration in a short amount of time. This value-added service helps our partners increase their time-to-market for product deployments in competitive market landscapes on a global scale. Premio’s ISO- certified (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485) manufacturing facility is designed to support all types of computing technology products in a high mix and low-volume capacity.

      industrial pc manufacturing

      But one of the most beneficial features of Premio Inc’s manufacturing facility is its fully integrated enterprise business tools that provide real-time visibility and automation. Our virtual factory dashboard offers a transparent view of every critical step in the manufacturing process that ranges from inventory parts, assembly statuses, final quality checks, burn-in results, shipment tracking, and full reporting/traceability of products built. No matter the stage and lifecycle of the product, Premio Inc’s manufacturing processes ensures quality-backed results and rapid time-to-market. Learn more about agile and flexible manufacturing. 

    1. Purpose-Built Product Solutions and Roadmap for Industrial Computing and Data Center Cloud Solutions

      Our ODM product expertise and specialty in the following core products provide COTS options for major deployments for industrial-grade computing. Backed by Intel’s 15 year lifecycle support, our embedded product roadmaps provide reliable computing solutions for many enterprise applications shaping industry 4.0

      Core Product Focus: 
    • Industrial Embedded Computers and HMI Touch Displays
    • Data Center Rackmount Servers, HPC Storage Nodes


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