Join Premio At MINExpo 2021 From 9/13-15 @ Las Vegas Convention Center Booth #631

About MINExpo

With an average attendance of over 44,000 people, MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® is the world’s leading showcase of mining equipment, services, and technologies. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center every four years, the show covers the entire industry– exploration, mine development, open pit and underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement and more. Currently, over 1,100 exhibitors will be at the show, occupying more than 660,000 net square feet of exhibit space.

On September 13-15, 2021, stop by Premio’s booth #631 and talk to our rugged edge computing experts to learn about how our reliable, scalable high performance edge computing solutions help our partners succeed in the mining industry. See you there!

Digital Transformation In Mining Industry

Advancement in AI is driving the digital transformation in mining industry with next-gen technologies engineered to increase safety and productivity. According to the National Mining Association, total U.S. mining injuries are at the lowest point in the last decade. Much of this is attributed to the increased adoption of mining automation through industrial PCs. Mine sites leverage strict confinement to create a highly controllable environment that have allowed full- or semi-autonomous equipment to operate autonomously and eliminates accidents caused by human errors.

AI Inference Analysis and Machine Learning for Mining

Artificial intelligence (AI) was quickly embraced by the mining sector to gain new efficiencies amid dwindling resources. Edge AI inference computers are deployed to aggregate, process, and analyze data in real time to facilitate faster and more accurate decisions. Machine learning inference algorithms help deliver safer and more productive operations by enabling 24/7 non-stop operations, equipment failure prediction, and safety monitoring for frontline workers. AI coupled with machine vision further helps provide better insights with highly reliable site prospecting, materials classification, resource management and systems autonomy processes at every mining stage.

Autonomous Mining

With the convergence of advanced processing power, artificial intelligence, and high speed connectivity, autonomous mining optimizes workflow with AI algorithms and machine to machine communications. With a remote operator or even without an operator, a reliable computing system is key to keep semi- and full autonomous equipment up and running. Premio’s AI Edge Inference Computers are scalable, reliable solutions that are proven to deliver uninterrupted operations even under challenging, hazardous environmental conditions on a mining site, such as constant exposure to water and dust, shock and vibrations, and extreme heat and cold.

Mining Automation with Industrial PCs And Rugged HMIs

Frequent exposure to water, debris, and shock and vibration is unavoidable for mining. Mining equipment, including computers that are embedded in the equipment, needs to have ruggedized features to provide reliable, stable operations under- and above ground. Premio offers a robust lineup of rugged edge computers, embedded computer, and touchscreen panel PCs that are validated and certified to operate under wide temperatures, wide voltages, and meet the MIL-810G shock and vibration standards.

Embedded Computers 

An embedded computer is a computer with dedicated function that is physically implemented as part of a larger system. Premio’s embedded computers are the building blocks for many industrial applications that require a reliable computing platform to manage complex workloads in rugged and harsh environments such as a mining site.

Edge Computers

An edge computer is a computing platform physically located at or near the source of data generation. Compared to the traditional cloud computing, edge computers benefits business operations with faster and more efficient services by processing data on-site without having to send it through the cloud network.

Premio’s edge computers are purpose-built to enable applications, data and computing services at harsh, remote locations. Able to endure rigorous environmental conditions and manage performance workloads, Premio’s edge computers provide organizations lower operating costs and network latency while increasing application performance to achieve real-time data analytics.

Rugged Touchscreen Panel PCs For Underground Mining

Premio’s Industrial Panel PCs and Touch Monitors are purpose-built for the toughest embedded deployments requiring mission-critical reliability. System integrators and automation engineers can easily deploy Premio industrial panel PCs and touch monitors as human machine interfaces to achieve better productivity and operational efficiency in their enterprise projects.

Read this case study to see how Premio helped a mining equipment giant integrate a solution that offers greater control, processing power, hardware longevity, and ongoing support to meet the needs of its customers and advance the mining industry’s shift from open pit to underground operations.