Visit Premio Booth#1639 at ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles on September 18-22

About ITS World Congress 

ITS World Congress 2022

Taking place in the heart of Los Angeles, ITS World Congress brings together leaders, researchers, policy makers, and industry professionals from all over the world to explore “Transformation by Transportation”. ITS World Congress is seeking to bring advancement in intelligent transportation through smart and innovative solutions to save lives, improve mobility, promote sustainability, and increase efficiency and productivity. Attendees come to discover the latest trends and smart mobility solutions designed to help shape future generations. Visit Premio at ITS World Congress, Booth 1639, to learn about how our rugged edge computing solutions are helping make a lasting impact for intelligent transportation.

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1. Real-Time Decision-Making with Rugged Edge Computing

With the shift into Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning have increased how we compute data. The push for computing solutions at the rugged edge is ushering in a need for systems that can process in real time. Autonomous transportation is one of many applications that requires real time inference to make decisions where every second matters. Many transportation systems employ in-vehicle computers to gather data through multiple linked IoT sensors that help improve safety and surveillance.  

Autonomous vehicles also rely on heavily specialized in-vehicle computers for powerful computation processing used in computer vision technology. These systems feature expansive cameras, sensors, and radar that generate massive amounts of data for in-vehicle computers to make decisions while navigating.  

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2. Autonomous Vehicle Data Storage

Autonomous vehicles also rely on heavily specialized in-vehicle computers for powerful computation processing used in computer vision technology. These systems feature expansive cameras, sensors, and radar that generate massive amounts of data for in-vehicle computers to make decisions while navigating.

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intelligent vehicle automation fleet telemetry

3. Vehicle Telematics  

A convergence of telecommunication and information processing at its core. Combine with vehicles and it becomes a powerful and beneficial tool in intelligent transportation. Devices that can collect and communicate data on status of vehicles are powerful in fleet management and play a critical role in advancing the future in commercial transportation. Wide benefits in GPS tracking, safety, documentation, monitoring, and data processing open the doors for increased efficiency across operations, logistics and long-term growth. 

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4. Importance of Reliability in Vehicular Deployments

With heavy moving parts that must are constantly moving around, it is imperative to have a system that can handle rugged vibrations, power supply fluctuations, and the limited space to still deliver mission critical performance in the quickest time. Any maintenance or downtime can be detrimental in mission critical deployments. To prevent any possible delays or bottlenecks that can accrue high costs, it is imperative to build rugged and ready for any type of potential risks that may come in automotive applications. Building reliability includes ensuring: 

  • Vehicle/Railway Compliance 
  • Power Ignition Management and Protection 
  • Expandable & Flexible I/O for various IoT sensors for Security/Surveillance 
  • CAN BUs Transportation Protocol 
  • Wide Operating Temperature 
  • Shock & Vibration resistance 

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5. Made In America feat. Premio

Premio is headquartered in the City of Industry in Los Angeles County, putting us in the backyard of downtown LA. With our localized manufacturing process within LA, we believe we also take on the mission of contributing to LA’s goal of becoming carbon emission free in 2050 and achieving 100% renewable energy by 2025. Being localized also means that we can tackle potential supply chain or manufacturing challenges that may occur with speed and efficiency.

We understand that transportation is the biggest key factor in reaching this goal. And by helping intelligent transportation push the boundaries at the edge, we hope to contribute towards the city’s transformation towards a safer, greener, smarter, and more efficient future.  

To learn more about Premio’s localized manufacturing, visit our Rugged Edge Media Hub.

Product Showcase 

In-Vehicle Computer ACO-6000-CML 

aco 6000 cml in-vehicle rugged edge computer

Designed and validated to operate in a variety of intelligent transportation edge applications, Premio’s in-vehicle ACO-6000-CML is a high performance fanless computer that is
validated under strict certifications, including E-Mark, CE, FCC, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4, and the EN50155 railway certification. 

Designed to eliminate detrimental downtime, these customizable in-vehicle computers are ideal for local processing and inference analysis at the edge in real-time. The ACO Series in-vehicle computer is engineered to operate in the harshest environmental conditions while delivering mission critical reliability in autonomous and remote edge deployments. 

Using the latest in Intel’s 10th Gen and Xeon-W processors, the ACO-6000-CML leverages rich performance to process a massive influx of data that comes from various IoT sensors and devices with low latency.  

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AI Edge Inference Computer RCO-6000-CML 

rco 6000 cml 10th gen AI edge inference computer

Premio’s 10
th Gen Intel AI Edge Inference Computer is engineered with the latest in processing technologies, including multi-core processors, ultra-fast storage, and AI accelerators to help push real time inferencing to new heights in the rugged edge. The RCO-600-CML can deliver exceptional performance with the help of modular EdgeBoost Nodes. These bottom add-on modules allow for mix and match performance accelerators to attach to the top module industrial computer to optimize workloads and streamline heavy AI processes.  

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Machine Vision Computer VCO-6000-CFL 

vco 6000 cfl machine vision computer

Premio’s machine vision computers deliver unmatched processing and graphic performance. The VIO-600-CFL offers fast data processing with rich visuals in the most challenging settings.
The VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Series offers multi-level processing and real-time intelligence by balancing workloads between CPU and GPU performance cores that can develop and improve autonomous vehicle and driver assistance systems.  

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Small Form Factor (SFF) Computer RCO-3000-CFL 

rco 3000 cfl series small form factor rugged embedded computer

Breakthrough power in a small package. The RCO-3000-CFL is an award-winning small form factor industrial computer that brings high performance to space constrained applications. While many small form factor PCs use system on chip (SoC) processors due to size limitations, Premio has successfully incorporated socket processors to produce a compact embedded system that does not sacrifice performance to tackle the harshest industrial workloads

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Rugged IP65 Industrial Touch Panel PC And Monitor VIO-200

vio 200 series panel pc monitor all in one pc

Patented and designed for HMI automation, information and communication applications. Premio’s VIO-200 series is an IP rated, fully modular touchscreen panel PC that utilizes a patented Multi-mode Display Module (MDM). Through MDM technology, it allows for optimal flexibility and scalability. The VIO series provides a unique solution that allows for one stop shop customization to build a rugged system that fulfills the specific needs for many industrial applications. 

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