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About IMTS 

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is one of the largest and longest-running industry trade shows revolving around digital and traditional manufacturing. With 9 pavilions, 2,000+ exhibitors, and 15,000+ new technologies displayed, IMTS is the prime event to network with thousands of professionals in the field and experience the latest technologies. Many attendees discover innovative ideas and use IMTS as a source of inspiration, while others have found the perfect solutions to further optimize their manufacturing facilities. Visit Premio at IMTS, Booth 134986, to learn about how our latest rugged edge computing solutions enable smart manufacturing with performance, connectivity, and reliability. Register for free now >>

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1. Streamline Industrial Automation with Industrial PCs

Industrial automation requires precise optimization and quality assurance to accelerate specific tasks effectively. These processes would not be possible without industrial PCs providing connectivity to IoT sensors and enabling real-time data insights. Industrial PCs like Premio’s latest 10th Gen Industrial Computer (RCO-6000-CML) delivers immense performance to the rugged edge with: dual universal expansion slots for up to 8x IoT ports, and 2x hot-swappable SSD bays for data redundancy and rapid data offloading. These features allow data to be quickly collected, processed, and stored for real-time data analytics on factory floors. Industrial PCs are purpose-built to withstand the harsh conditions on factory floors. The hardened case protects the components from debris, dust, shock, and vibration. It also has a wide operating temperature and voltage input range for additional ruggedness. With all these features, industrial PCs excel in factory environments and provide the necessary processing performance needed in modern industrial automation.  

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2. Rugged Edge Computing Enable AI for Intelligent Manufacturing 

As the world transitions into Industry 4.0, there is an ever-growing demand for AI. AI has revolutionized manufacturing with precision accuracy and rapid turnaround times. However, AI requires a computing solution that can process and store the vast amounts of data collected from the IoT sensors. Cloud computing is capable of extremely high compute but has latency and suffers from inconsistent wireless connectivity. Rugged edge computing, on the other hand, localizes the processing power by being deployed on-premises. Premio’s latest AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CML) utilizes transformative technologies like NVMe and NVIDIA RTX GPU to consolidate specific workloads. EDGEBoost Nodes allow end users to select the most optimal configuration to accelerate performance. Additionally, our Machine Vision Computers (VCO-6000-CFL) are purpose-built to enable computer vision AI for rapid industrial inspection. These industrial-grade edge computers provide both high-performance and ubiquitous connectivity to establish smart manufacturing. 

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3. Importance of Reliability at The Rugged Edge 

Downtime and maintenance are detrimental in the manufacturing sector. Not only is it costly, it develops bottlenecks, delays, and inconsistencies within the overall system. Edge computers enable AI to streamline timely tasks but must remain reliable and sustainable while under operation. There are a variety of hazardous conditions that are present on factory floors that edge computers must withstand: 

  • Varying temperature ranges 
  • Contaminants 
  • Debris 
  • Shock and vibration 
  • Inconsistent power voltages

Traditional computers cannot handle these harsh environments and will lead to system failure. Edge computers are purpose-built to be deployed onto factory floors by following a fanless, cableless, and industrial-grade design. These culminations of demands have sprouted an innovative enclosure for edge computers. The fully enclosed casing serves as both a hardened shell to protect vital components from dust, debris, and contaminants, and a heatsink to regulate thermals. 

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4. Made In America feat. Premio

 Premio has positioned itself to provide computing solutions quickly and efficiently by implementing:

  • Just-in-time Material Planning   
  • Rapid Time-to-Market   
  • Operation efficient from manufacturer to end user   

Our headquarters is located in greater Los Angeles, California with strategic locations in Germany, Malaysia, and Taiwan. 

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Product Showcase 

AMD Ryzen Embedded SBCs (CT-DR101/CT-NR101)

AMD Ryzen Embedded SBC CT-DR101 CT-NR101

Enable immersive graphics and imagery on multiple 4K displays with Premio’s first ever AMD Ryzen Embedded SoC powered industrial-grade SBC. These SBCs come in two ultra-compact form factors, 3.5” and 1.8” for versatile deployment for edge applications. The 3.5” CT-DR101 is configured with two DDR4 SO-DIMM slots (up to 32GB) with ECC memory support, mPCIe and M.2 expansion slots, and various I/O configurability. It is capable of supporting up to three 4K displays and has immense scalability for embedded applications. For even tighter deployments, the credit card sized 1.8” CT-NR101 supports dual independent 4K displays, a PCIe expansion slot, USB Type-C, and other essential I/Os. AMD Ryzen Embedded SBCs deliver high performance to embedded applications while being power efficient and reliable.  

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AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CML) 


Premio’s latest 10th Gen Intel AI Edge Inference Computer delivers exceptional performance with its first-to-market modular EDGEBoost Nodes. With its previous award-winning generation, the RCO-6000-CML now supports ECC memory with XEON W processor and offers dual Universal brackets for up to 8x IoT ports. This series follows a two-piece modular architecture with the top module being the fanless industrial computer and the performance accelerator, EDGEBoost Nodes, as the bottom module. Mix and match nodes to best optimize specific workloads with NVMe U.2 Canister Bricks and/or NVIDIA RTX GPU. Enable real-time data analytics and streamline AI processes with the high-performance AI Edge inference Computer. 

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Machine Vision Computer (VCO-6000-CFL) 

 VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer Banner

Purpose-built for imagery-driven AI tasks like quality inspection, the Machine Vision Computer delivers extraordinary compute and supports vision camera interfaces in GigE Vision and USB3 Vision. The VCO-6000-CFL utilizes a single-sided I/O, on-board M.2 NVMe, and distinct PCIe scalability up to 5x expansion slots. In order to enable AI, the Machine Vision Computer can support full length and height GPUs for maximum performance and compatibility. Deliver reliable  

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Small Form Factor Computer (RCO-3000-CFL) 

The award-winning RCO-3000-CFL delivers high-performance compute to space constrained deployments with its unique socket type design. SFF Computers typically use a SoC (System on Chip) processor, but Premio has successfully incorporated a socket processor to reliably produce greater processing speeds within a condensed size. Fitted with high-speed USB, serial ports, and Isolated GPIO, the RCO-3000-CFL provides rich I/O to consolidate workloads in a small form factor. 

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Fanless Mini Computer (BCO-2000-WHL) 

BCO-2000-WHL Fanless Mini Computer Product Banner

The BCO-2000-WHL is a fanless mini computer based on our industrial-grade 3.5” single board computer (SBC). It follows an ultra-compact form factor for space constrained deployments like kiosks. This mini computer utilizes Intel’s 8th Gen Mobile-U processors and provides the necessary I/O to drive IoT devices. In addition to I/O, the BCO-2000-WHL has two universal I/O expansion slots for I/O configurability.  

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IP65K Modular Touchscreen Panel PC (VIO-200) 

VIO-200 Series IP65K Modular Touchscreen Panel PC Product Banner

Configure display size, display features, touch technologies, and performance with Premio’s fully modular touchscreen panel PC. MDM Modular Technology allows for rapid upgradability and portability as each component can be easily interchanged. IP65K-rating provides protection against liquids and dust, PCAP touch technology allows for rapid touch response and multi-touch capabilities, and optional optical bonding for enhanced readability are some critical features that assist display panels in visualizing data at the rugged edge. 

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IP66/69K Washdown Touchscreen Panel PC (SIO-200)

SIO-200 Series IP66/69K Washdown Touchscreen Computer Product Banner

Premio’s stainless steel touchscreen panel PC, SIO-200, is purpose-built to operate in hygienic environments such as cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and more. The SIO-200 Series is IP66/69K rated to withstand high-temperature and high-pressure washdowns for complete sanitation procedures. The Type 316 stainless steel encasing gives the panel PC advanced corrosion resistance for extended longevity and ruggedness. Its touchscreen panel is composed of a scratch resistant 7H glass with options for PCAP or resistive touch technologies. Furthermore, the SIO-200 is equipped with waterproof M12 locking connectors to ensure reliable and durable connectivity with IoT devices. The SIO-200 provides optical clarity for data insights and analytics in a fully ruggedized enclosure. 

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