Premio Balances Size, Power, and Performance in Fanless Small Form Factor (SFF) PC


Flagship engineering and socket type design for RCO-3000-CFL addresses key challenges in size and performance for the rugged edge


Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, February 28, 2022 - Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge and embedded computing technology, today released the RCO-3000-CFL small form factor pc, adding to its flagship line of RCO fanless computing solutions. Its purpose-built ruggedized hardware brings powerful computing intelligence into challenging, dynamic environments closer to the source of data generation. Premio’s RCO series is hardened to integrate into connected industrial automation control systems smoothly. Its rugged design and rich I/O compatibility present durable, scalable industrial IoT compute solutions for faster processing and connectivity at the rugged edge. System integrators and data acquisition applications can now enable multi-core processing, ultra-low latency responsiveness, workload consolidation, and nimble automation capabilities in a palm-sized form factor for industry 4.0 deployments.


“A balance in size, power, and performance are fundamental engineering principles behind our x86 embedded designs that differentiate our products in target markets,” said Premio’s Product Marketing Director, Dustin Seetoo. “The RCO-3000-CFL is no different. Everything from the external enclosure to internal components is purpose-built through a combination of mechanical and thermal engineering to address environmental challenges such as strong vibration, shock, severe temperatures, and the presence of moisture or dirt.”

The RCO-3000-CFL Series supports rich processing, future-ready storage technology, and rapid connectivity for more reliable and efficient processing at the rugged edge. But what differentiates this computing solution the most for embedded and industrial markets is its dimensional size.  The RCO-3000-CFL is designed to be a small form factor (SFF) industrial computer but uses a high-performance socket type processor design.  This SFF industrial computer measures in at 7.5” inches in width, 7.7” inches in depth, and only 2.3” inches in height, making it extremely compact for an industrial computer that also uses a fanless design. Industrial-grade fanless designs ensure better reliability in wider temperatures ( -25C to 60C), wider input voltages (9-48VDC), and even resistance to shock (50G) and vibrations (5GRMS).  IoT integrators and industrial automation operators can rely on the RCO-3000-CFL Series SFF industrial computer to manage the most complex workloads in space-constrained deployments that experience harsh environmental conditions.

Although small in size, performance is not sacrificed with its socket type design that can support 35W & 65W high-performance 9th Generation Intel® processors. Gigabit wireless speeds, PCIe 3.0 lanes, SATA ports, and ultra-fast USB 3.2 Gen 2 provide excellent I/O integration options for transmitting data to and from the device. The SFF PC also supports a single internal 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD in 9mm height and one hot-swappable, tool-less 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD in 7mm height, enabling the system to feed and store mission-critical volumes of data. The ability to hot-swap drives allow users to replace SATA drives, simplifying service and capacity upgrades quickly and directly in the field.  Additional LAN and USB ports are also supported with Premio’s flexible add-on module options: a four port GbE in RJ45/M12 connector, a two port 10GbE RJ45 option, or a four port USB module that enables high-speed connections with low-latency data transmission for advanced industrial applications. Wireless connectivity is possible thanks to the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, allowing the device to reliably connect to sensors and network systems throughout a wireless IoT Enterprise. The RCO-3000-CFL is equipped with Dual External SIM Sockets, providing 4G/LTE connectivity at remote, mobile edge deployments.

“The evolution of the RCO-3000-CFL small form factor PC came from specific demands to support system integrators that require market competitiveness in size and flexibility in performance,” Seetoo added.  “Instead of using a common system-on-chip design, our engineers were able to provide a solution in a smaller form footprint that also matches the performance benchmarks against our performance-focused RCO-6000-CFL model in the RCO portfolio of industrial computers.”

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