Workload Consolidation for the Rugged Edge in Industrial and Embedded Designs and Why it Matters?

Workload Consolidation at IoT Edge

Embedded Computing Design shares Premio Inc's expertise on why workload consolidation matters at the "Rugged Edge." A quick summary is provided below. Please see the full story directly from Embedded Computing Design – the go-to destination for information about embedded design and development for Industry 4.0 / IoT.

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At embedded world 2020, Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing at Premio and C&T Solutions, explains how increased demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge are driving demand for edge computing in fanless, rugged embedded  computers. 

Top 5 Embedded Computing Design Requirements for IoT and Edge Deployments

  1. Fanless and Silent Designs for Better Reliability
  2. One-Piece, Cableless, and Validated to endure Shock and Vibration
  3. Extended Operating Temperature Range for Harsh Environments
  4. Wide-Voltage Power Protection
  5. Modular and Expandable I/O options designed for workload consolidation

 Market Verticals Premio Provides Embedded Computing Solutions for:

  • Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Machine Vision and Metrology Inspection
  • Self-Service Kiosk
  • Public Transportation
  • Security and Surveillance

workload consolidation with industrial pcs


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