Premio Celebrates 33 Year Anniversary

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Earlier this month, Premio officially gathered to celebrate its 33rd anniversary. As we have grown, we’ve launched new products and evolved in providing reliable rugged edge computing solutions all over the world. None of this would be possible without the incredible dedication from all our employees and partners across the globe. As we continue pushing forward to the next year, we wanted to take a look back on some of our key milestones that Premio has accomplished so far in 2022.

1. Achievements (Vision System Design Awards) 

 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award 2022 Premio Product Winners

Premio is proud to showcase that we have been selected by Vision System Designs to receive two awards during their Innovators Award ceremony at this year’s Automate exhibition show. Our 9th generation Intel AI Edge Inference Computer, RCO-6000-CFL and 9th Gen Intel small form factor PC, RCO-3000-CFL was recognized for the 2022 Bronze Innovators Award. The awards for both computing solutions celebrate innovative designs in machine vision for embedded applications.

Read the Full Press Release here.

9th Gen Intel AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CFL)


Enable edge computing with modularity, I/O versatility, and workload consolidation with the RCO-6000-CFL. The AI Edge Inference computer follows a two-piece architecture with the top module as the Industrial Computer powered by a 9th Gen Intel CFL Processor and the bottom module being the performance accelerating EDGEBoost Node. The RCO-6000-CFL utilizes a ruggedized form factor that is purpose-built to withstand harsh extremities like temperature, shock and vibration, and even  wide voltage input ranges. In order to consolidate specific workloads for unique demands, our selection of EDGEBoost Nodes caters to end users that want additional storage with NVMe and/or enable machine learning with NVIDIA RTX GPU support. The versatility of the RCO-6000-CFL gives users  the ability to mix and match performance acceleration technology with ease and flexibility. 

Learn more about our award-winning AI Edge Inference Computer >>

9th Gen Intel SFF PC (RCO-3000-CFL)


Delivering the same high-performance as the AI Edge Inference Computer in the palm of your hands. The RCO-3000-CFL uses a socket type design in a compact form factor to drive high-performance in space constrained deployments. Typically, SoCs are incorporated into small form factor (SFF) computers due to thermal limitations. However, the RCO-3000-CFL is capable of a socket type design while remaining passively cooled and reliable. Furthermore, the SFF PC is equipped with a hot-swappable SATA SSD for quick data offloading and an expansion slot for universal I/O compatibility.

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2. Rugged Edge Media Hub & Rugged Edge eBook

Our Rugged Edge Media Hub and eBook are educational resources that give users an understanding of the rapid transition towards edge computing for Industry 4.0. Our media hub is the center of all of Premio’s product introductions, technical webinars, podcasts, and company insights. In January 2022, Premio and Intel were featured in a web series called  "Made In America" where we go in-depth about Premio and how we’ve positioned ourselves in the ecosystem of designing and manufacturing computing solutions. 

 Premio Rugged Edge Media Hub                         Premio Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook

Our eBook, the "Rugged Edge Survival Guide", informs users on how rugged edge computing is defined and the growing demand for reliable high-performance industrial computers for machine learning and AI-enabled applications. Check out our media hub here or download your copy of our ebook here!

3.Core Premio Products and 2022 Roadmap


Key Products:

Rugged Embedded Premio Family Products

Rugged Embedded

Drive power and enable real-time data processing locally with industrial-grade computers for mission critical reliability in harsh environments like factory floors and remote locations. 

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Rugged Edge Premio Family Products

Rugged Edge

The Rugged Edge has numerous variations of deployments, from space-constrained locations to vehicular applications. Rugged Edge computing solutions are purpose-built to consolidate specific workloads and streamline AI. 

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Rugged Displays Premio Family Products

Rugged Displays

Deliver data clarity and responsive interaction in cleanrooms, aseptic settings, surface & underground mining, and more with IP-rated rated display panels. 

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Storage Servers Premio Family Products

Storage Servers

Purpose-built for enterprise storage solutions, our variety of server and storage platforms are fully-validated and undergo a Design-Verification-Testing process to ensure reliability, compatibility, and regulatory compliance.

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2022 Product far (July)

10th Gen Intel AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CML)


Our latest AI Edge Inference Computer streamlines complex AI workloads that drive machine learning and inferencing at the rugged edge. The industrial computer module utilizes Intel’s 10th Gen CML Processor or XEON W Processor, dual hot-swappable SATA SSDs, and two universal I/O expansion slot for real-time data analysis with low-latency data telemetry. Accelerate performance for specific workloads by incorporating the selection of bottom module, EDGEBoost Nodes. Choose from NVMe U.2 Canisters for rapid read/write speeds and extended storage capacity, and/or drive AI applications seamlessly with a NVIDIA RTX GPU. The RCO-6000-CML delivers 10th Gen Intel processing power with specific EDGEBoost Nodes to maximize performance for specific workloads. 

Learn more about our latest AI Edge Inference Computer >> 

10th Gen Intel In-Vehicle Computer (ACO-6000-CML)


Drive power, performance, and reliability in vehicular deployments with the latest EN50155 certified In-Vehicle Computer. Like our AI Edge Inference Computer, the In-Vehicle Computer leverages performance from Intel’s 10th Gen CML Processor or server-grade XEON W processor with ECC Memory capabilities. Because this edge computing solution is purpose-built specifically for in-vehicle type applications, it is validated under strict certifications: EN50155, E-Mark, CE, FCC, EN50121-3-2, and EN50121-4 in compliance for installation onto rolling stock, railway, and trains. Additionally, the In-Vehicle Computer can withstand an extended voltage input range from 9-48VDC and 48-110VDC, and enables vehicular telematics with CANBus support and Power Ignition Management. The ACO-6000-CML can be used as the central connectivity point with its plentiful 16x PoE ports with a selection of I/O modules to ensure I/O compatibility. Our latest In-Vehicle Computer delivers immense processing power and connectivity/configurability for intelligent transportation workloads. 

Discover more about our latest In-Vehicle Computer >> 

4. Why Premio?

Learn how Premio positions its strengths in Rugged Edge Computing





  • High-Performance Ruggedized Computing Portfolio
  • Control of engineering & manufacturing for rugged edge computers
  • Extended Burn-in Quality Management Process  
  • Flexibility & Scalability to meet demands and specifications  


Discover how Premio has solved some supply chain and manufacturing challenges by localizing manufacturing


  • Just-in-time Material Planning  
  • Rapid Time-to-Market  
  • Operation efficient from manufacturer to end user  
  • Located in Los Angeles, California 

5. Upcoming Tradeshows & Events

Meet Premio in person! Stay up-to-date with upcoming tradeshows and events where we will be exhibitors at on our tradeshows/events page, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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