ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack with Industrial-Grade Supercapacitors

ECO-1000 EDGEBoost EnergyPack with Industrial-Grade Supercapacitors

  • 8x/16x Industrial 370 Farads Supercapacitors
  • Up to 200W Max. Power Output
  • 1x COM, 1x USB for GUI Remote Management and Monitoring
  • 2 IN / 2 OUT DIO
  • -25°C to 55°C Wide Operating Temperature
  • EN50155: EN50121-3-2, CE, FCC Class A, UL Certification
  • 3x Smart Modes with Remote On/Off, Ignition Control, Delay Time
  • 12V/24V Compatibility: Industrial PCs, Panel PCs, Displays




Smart Power Management – 3 Flexible Modes

Engineered for mission critical deployments, the ECO-1000 Series is configurable with 3 Smart Modes for intelligent power management. The smart modes leverage the ignition control, remote power on/off, and electrical sensors in the ECO-1000 to determine redundant power when it matters most.

  • Normal Mode
  • Ignition Mode
  • Battery Mode

Award Winning Energy Solution for Environmental Sustainability

  • 2024 Computex Best Choice Award Winner in the Sustainable Tech Special Award category
  • Eco-friendly, high-efficiency operation with industrial-grade design
  • Natural plant-based carbon construction
  • Reduces the use and emission of harmful materials

Mission Critical Back-Up with Supercapacitors

The ECO-1000 Series uses supercapacitor technology for self-sustaining power back-up for industrial/edge computers, displays, panel PCs, and other IIoT devices in mission-critical deployments.

  • Mission Critical power with backup during loss of power
  • Ensure safe shutdown for industrial computing workloads
  • Mitigate data corruption and avoid detrimental downtime
  • Streamline edge computing and IoT operational technology (OT) with robust automation

Modular EDGEBoost EnergyPack

The ECO-1000 Series is flexible and scalable to provide 370 Farads of stable power redundancy for mission-critical deployments at the rugged edge.

  • 8x Supercapacitors with 100W Power Output
  • 16x Supercapacitors with 200W Power Output
  • 10 Years Lifetime and 500,000 Lifecycles
  • Modular Supercapacitors Unit
  • 370 Farads

Quick and Normal Charge Modes

The ECO-1000 Series supercapacitor technology offers two charge options for energy replenishment and redundancy, a normal and quick charge mode.

Power Supply Adapter Normal Charge Quick Charge
60W (12V | 5A)
120W (24V | 5A)
220W (24V | 9.2A)
280W (24V | 11.67A)
306W (24V | 12.75A)

* Normal Charge Time: 8S Model: ± 3 minutes, 16S Model: ± 5 minutes
** Quick Charge Time: 8S Model: ± 2 minutes, 16S Model: ± 4 minutes

LCM Display Module and Button Control

The ECO-1000 Series can be configured with an optional LCD module and push button controls that enable user friendly on-site management

  • LCD backlight display for critical status updates
  • Push buttons enable on-site programmable settings

Interactive GUI for Remote Management

Streamlined management meets user-friendly convenience with an interactive GUI that enables remote management and monitoring by connecting effortlessly to a display through the ECO-1000's USB or COM ports

• USB and COM ports to enable GUI Remote Management and Monitoring

Flexible Mounting for Automation

Wall Mount

DIN-Rail Mount

Why Premio?
Built Rugged. Built Ready.

  • • 30+ years of extensive design expertise for industrial computing solutions in x86 compute power, storage, rich I/O, and high-speed connectivity
  • • Global turnkey manufacturing and support infrastructure in the USA
  • • Regulatory testing and compliance for rugged industrial computers
  • • Long Product Life Cycles to ensure reliability
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Capacity • 8S Model: 8x 370 Farads Supercapacitors
• 16S Model: 16x 370 Farads Supercapacitors
Input Connector 3-pin Terminal Block (V+, GND, IGN IN)
Input Voltage 12 ~ 35 VDC
Output Connector 3-pin Terminal Block (V+, GND)
Output Power • 8S Model: Max.100W output
• 16S Model: Max. 200W output
Output Voltage Charge mode: DC IN Voltage bypass
Discharge mode: 12V or 24V

• To use output voltage 24V DC, ECO-1000 input voltage must be 24V- 35V
• Different voltage input/output can damage the systems. Ensure ECO-1000 Voltage Out setting matches the voltage input of external system.
• For example, If the external system has a fixed voltage of 12V DC IN, the ECO-1000 must be configured for 12V DC OUT.
Charging Mode Quick and Normal Charging
Power Ignition Power Ignition Management
Power Protection OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
OCP (Over Current Protection)
Reverse Protection
COM 1x RS-232
DIO 2 in / 2 out
USB 1x USB Type A
Others 1x Remote Power On/Off
1x Smart Mode Switch
1x Mode Reset Switch
Operating Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to 85°C
Relative Humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Certification CE, FCC Class A, UL 62368-1 Ed. 3
EMC Conformity with EN50155, EN50121-3-2
Vibration 5 Grms, 5 - 500 Hz, 0.5 hr/axis
Shock 20G, half sine, 11ms
Dimensions (W x H x D) 100 (W) x 192 (D) x 192 (H) mm
Weights ECO-1000-8S-LCM: 2 KG
ECO-1000-16S-LCM: 2.6 KG
Construction Heavy Duty Metal
Mounting Options Wall Mounting,
DIN Rail Mounting (Optional)

Mechanical Layout

Product Dimension



Data Sheet DS_ECO-1000_Premio.pdf
Interactive GUI Setup
Product Brief PB_ECO-1000.pdf
User's Manual UM_ECO-1000.pdf