High Density JBOD Servers

In today’s world, Cloud Computing is growing faster than ever. Our digital world demands faster computing, larger storage and greater flexibility. To keep up with the speed of business,  the Scalestreams line of High-Density Servers delivers a solution that improves the power-efficiency while increasing the density of the computing power.  This system provides both savings in rack space and weight without sacrificing performance.

Scalestreams features a design that provides the maximum flexibility and customizability. Each model features a hot-swappable design that makes maintenance easy and simple while reducing your team’s downtime. As you plan for future growth, Scalestreams is able to expand for your future capacity and processing needs. Each server product provides the latest in computing technology for all of your memory intensive business data. Featuring the latest in Intel Xeon Processors, your data is both secure, reliable and scalable. Premio's High Density Servers are the perfect enterprise solution for data driven companies who desire the highest density computing to maximize their server space. No matter how fast data processing and management evolves, Scalestreams will help your team stay ahead of the trend.