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Premio Tradeshow Event Pack Expo 2022

About Pack Expo

Pack Expo International is one of the biggest packaging and processing shows of the year by unifying attendees and exhibitors with 40+ vertical markets. Industrial automation, robotics, smart infrastructure, and even security and surveillance are all key market segments that will be associated with this show. It is a fantastic location to discover new solutions, partnerships, and further business opportunities as there are over 40,000 attendees and 2,000+ exhibitors registered. Visit Premio at Pack Expo at Booth W-20032 to discover rugged edge computing solutions for OEM designers, system integrators, and more! Register here >>

1. Industrial Automation & Robotics driven by Rugged Edge Computing

As automation and robotics become smarter, faster, and more efficient, so does the amount of data generate. IoT devices, such as cameras, have become more sophisticated with higher image quality. All these smart IoT sensors and devices need a central computing unit to send data reliably for an AI algorithm to work efficiently. Industrial rugged edge computers are purpose-built to be deployed onto factory floors and provide the necessary processing power to enable real-time data analysis, AI inferencing, and accelerate business decisions. Similarly, in a case study, a Premio client who is a pioneer in precision automation needed a rugged embedded system to integrate their metrology platform. Our machine vision computer was the perfect fit to compute highly precise imagery at high speeds. Find out more about this case study here >>

2. Edge AI with Hardware acceleration

Edge AI will be an ever-growing topic as we enter Industry 4.0. Traditional AI inferencing accelerators, like GPU and CPU, are general-purpose computing solutions that have limitations and reach a threshold for edge computing. Power budgeting, mechanical and thermal thresholds are limiting factors that put a performance bottleneck on Edge AI. However, a new platform has been developed to precisely address these restrictions. Premio has partnered with Hailo to develop a new rugged edge solution. M.2 DSAs (Domain Specific Architectures) revolutionize Edge AI with its immense capabilities to process deep learning and inference workloads at the edge without exceeding total cost of ownership.
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3. Built Rugged Built Ready for Packaging and Processing

For edge solutions to perform effectively in these harsh environments, they must follow a few guidelines that ensure their reliability. These key features are what allow the edge computers to be deployed confidently knowing that they will perform for lengthened periods of time without interruptions or needing maintenance. Learn more about the 7 steps of building a fanless PC >>

4. Suppliers Are Just as Important as Customers

With the executive signing of the CHIPS Act of 2022, the United States has recognized the utmost importance of maintaining leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. The CHIPS Act will strengthen the domestic supply chain and allow major OEMs to consider deepening partnerships with local suppliers. Premio helps alleviate the issues that system integrators and OEM designers face by providing solutions in:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Manufacturing Footprint
  3. Sourcing and Supply Chain
  4. Alliances and Go-To-Market Capabilities

Learn more about how Premio fits into the semiconductor ecosystem >>


Product Showcase

AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CML)

Premio Product Showcase RCO-6000-CML AI Edge Inference Computer with EDGEBoost Nodes

Premio’s 10th Gen Intel AI Edge Inference Computer (RCO-6000-CML) brings to market a modular architecture for specific edge applications. The top module consists of the Industrial Fanless PC with dual Universal brackets support up to 8x IoT ports, 2x Hot-Swappable SSDs Bays, and supports Intel 10th Gen CML or XEON W processors with ECC memory. The bottom module allows for the EDGEBoost Nodes where end users can mix and match different nodes that best suit their needs. From 2x U.2 NVMe canister bricks for maximum storage capacity to dedicated NVIDIA RTX GPU support to enable AI inferencing, the EDGEBoost Nodes are performance accelerators that consolidate complex Edge AI workloads.

Learn more about AI Edge Inference Computers >> 

Machine Vision Computer (VCO-6000-CFL)

Premio Product Showcase VCO-6000-CFL Machine Vision Computer

AI Vision drives most if not all major industrial automation technologies. The Machine Vision Computer (VCO-6000-CFL) is purpose-built to be rugged and support full-length GPUs to enable real-time imagery-based AI workloads. The VCO-6000-CFL supports common vision camera interfaces like GigE Vision and USB3 Vision, has a single-sided I/O design, on-board M.2 NVMe, and PCIe expansion scalability.

Explore more about Machine Vision Computers >>

Small Form Factor PC (RCO-3000-CFL)

Premio Product Showcase RCO-3000-CFL Small Form Factor SFF PC Computer

Small, yet powerful. The SFF (Small form factor) PC follows a multicore socket type design while in an ultra-compact enclosure. This unique edge solution delivers high processing power in a reliable rugged architecture for the most space-constrained deployments. It is equipped with programmable isolated GPIO, a hot-swappable SSD tray, and a universal I/O bracket module to consolidate the demanding workloads in a limited environment.

Discover more about SFF PCs >> 

Fanless Mini Computer (BCO-2000-WHL)

Premio Product Showcase BCO-2000-WHL Fanless Mini Computer

Based on Premio’s industrial 3.5” SBC (Single Board Computer), the fanless mini computer utilizes Intel’s 8th Gen Mobile-U processors and 2x expansion slots for universal I/O flexibility. The BCO-2000-WHL is a rugged edge solution for space limited deployments such as smart kiosks. 

Learn more about Fanless Mini Computers >> 

IP65K Modular Touchscreen Panel PC (VIO-200)

Premio Product Showcase VIO-200 Modular IP65 Touchscreen Panel PC and Monitor

Bring convenience, portability, and upgradability with MDM technology. Our modular touchscreen panel PC allows users to quickly interchange key components for optimal efficiency. Premio’s VIO-200 is IP65K rated to provide protection against liquids and dust that may come into contact with the display. It offers a wide selection of customizability with PCAP or resistive touch technologies, optional optical bonding for enhanced reading clarity, and more.  

Discover more about IP65K Modular Touchscreen Panel PC & Monitors >>

IP66/69K Washdown Touchscreen Panel PC (SIO-200)

Premio Product Showcase SIO-200 Stainless Steel IP66 IP69K Washdown Touchscreen Panel PC

Purpose-built for cleanrooms and hygienic environments, Premio’s stainless steel IP66/69K washdown panel PC provides data insights while withstanding high-temperature and high-pressure washdown sanitation procedures. The Type 316 stainless steel enclosure provides extended longevity and ruggedness along with corrosion resistance to the susceptible internal components. Waterproof M12 locking connectors are equipped with the SIO-200 to ensure reliable connectivity and durability against the harsh conditions of hygienic deployments. The SIO-200 is capable of being optimized further with options to choose PCAP or resistive touchscreen technologies, a variety of display sizes and resolutions, and optional features like high-brightness panel and optical bonding.

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