Premio KCO Series Enables OEMs and System Builders with Certification-Ready Computers in FCC, CE, and UL

Next-Gen Upgrades with KCO 2000 (2U) and KCO 3000 (3U) Certification Ready industrial computers for Kiosks, ATMs, security and surveillance, metrology and automation inspection, and mobile medical carts.

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, April 19, 2021- Premio Inc., an edge to cloud global ODM/OEM solutions provider in industrial computing technology, released its new 2KCO-2000 and 3U KCO-3000 Series of certification-ready computers in FCC, CE, and UL Listed options. The KCO Series of industrial computers helps system builders accelerate time-to-market through sub-assembly computers that can easily scale into larger system-level configurations. 

Certification-ready industrial computers are embedded computing solutions that serve as key building blocks for enterprise and IoT applications that require processing. The KCO Series of industrial computers is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computing solution that provides reliability, regulatory safety, and embedded longevity with Premio’s extended lifecycle support. These certification-ready industrial computers are deployable in IoT applications in markets for kiosks, ATMs, security and surveillance, metrology and automation inspection, and mobile medical carts. 

“Our KCO Series of Certification-Ready industrial computers are optimized for OEM customers, serving as next-generation upgrades that require only minimal re-certification and offer a faster time to market with their larger configurations,” said Dustin Seetoo, Premio’s director of product marketing. We ensure our KCO Series is tested as a sub-assembly and certified with mission-critical safety regulations from the FCC, CE, and UL, a feature most regular, consumer-grade PCs do not offer.”  

The KCO-2000 and KCO-3000 Series were purpose-built for industrial computing, providing system builders and integrators with a certification-ready computer for rapid mass deployment.  As an ultra-reliable certification-ready solution, the KCO-Series serves the ongoing evolution of Industry 4.0 technologies by accelerating our customers’ solutions into their markets at a competitive pace.  

Performance Processing 

The KCO Series of compact industrial computing solutions features Premio’s industrial-grade MicroATX motherboard, providing a full slate of features that allow system integrators to capitalize on IoT and connectivity technologies for embedded industrial applications. The KCO Series supports Intel’s® 9th Generation Core® processor family (formerly codenamed Coffee Lake Refresh) in Intel Celeron, Pentium, and Core i3, i5, and i7 options offering multi-core processing for blazing-fast performance. The KCO-Series also features an LGA 1151 socket, Intel’s Q370 chipset, providing better performance, more robust security, and faster I/O connectivity to peripherals and expansions. 

Rich I/O and Expansion Options 

This compact industrial computer is equipped with expansive I/O, offering up to 13 USB Type-A Ports (7x USB 2.0 ports and 6x USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports) for high-speed IoT connectivity. These computers also feature 4x Serial COM ports (RS-232/422/485) for legacy deviceseasily accommodating both legacy and modern peripherals. 

I/O options are flexible, and system integrators can populate the PCIe slots with various add-in cards that suit their industrial applications. The KCO-2000 Series features a single PCIe Gen 3 slot, allowing users to add low-profile add-in card to the system. In contrast, the KCO-3000 Series packs 3x PCIe Gen 3 slots (one PCIe x16, one PCIe x4, and one PCIe x1) to accommodate add-in cards, including acceleration cards used for machine learning, deep learning, and high-speed networking.  

Removable Storage and On-Board NVMe 

The KCO-2000 Series supports a single 2.5” SSD (solid-state drive) or a single 2.5” HDD (hard disk drive), while the KCO-3000 Series supports a single 3.5” HDD or a single 2.5” SSD. Dual M.2 onboard connectors enhance device connectivity and storage. One connector is keyed to the E position, capable of receiving a Wi-Fi 6 card. The second is keyed to the M position, serving as a PCIe x4 interface, offering support for high-speed NVMe SSD storage, which includes a hot-swappable drive tray unique to Premio 

Hardware Security Standard 

The KCO-Series is equipped with TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module), providing boot security and platform integrity at the hardware level by preventing malware from affecting critical systems. The TPM root key enables encryption for device applications and provides password authentication that allows system access only to trusted parties. 

Industrial-Grade Dust Filter and Chassis 

Additionally, the KCO-Series is equipped with an external dust filter; the filter is conveniently washable and significantly reduces the potential for dust to enter the system and damage the sensitive internal components.  

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