Premio Inc. Unveils Insights into Rugged Edge Computing by Dropping New eBook

Actionable eBook synthesizes major changes shaping industrial computing, informed by research and 35 years of real-world experience

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, April 17, 2024 – Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge/embedded computing and industrial display technology, today announced the availability of its Snapshots into the Edge’ ebook. This toolkit synthesizes analytical and technical material, industry research, and thought leadership insight to offer a concise view of today's edge technology. Premio’s new resource is designed to address the technical complexity of industrial computing products and guide embedded designers in developing and deploying their edge computing solutions. 

Computing architecture is evolving at a record pace. It’s another new age for optimizing IO and performance, particularly in settings that require rugged, reliable computers,” said Dustin Seetoo, Premio's director of product marketing. “But what do those solutions look like, and what are the trends driving them? With 35 years in the market, Premio is in a unique position to break down the complex technical themes behind these choices.”

To capitalize on data at the edge, designers need to rethink monolithic architectures – decentralizing compute resources away from the cloud and creating systems that operate closely to where data is generated. The resulting industrial computers must weave together compute, storage, networking, and ruggedization in remote environments, connecting effectively with data and analytics to drive new levels of machine learning and intelligence.

“As compute architectures become more domain-specific, purpose-built systems must process data fast and efficiently – distinguishing real-time performance at the edge. We’ve helped industrial leaders address these pain points, solving challenges in a spectrum of unique and rugged applications,” added Seetoo. “This insightful resource is motivated by our depth of experience, and is a mechanism for knowledge consolidation, strategic planning and vision, and empowering clients' needs.”

Snapshots from the Edge compiles key market research, trends, and predictions for edge computing, and identifies key hardware players behind semiconductor technology. Premio's key product lines are broken down in detail, demonstrating how they fit into the edge ecosystem from a performance vs. power comparison standpoint. The ebook also addresses major market trends shaping the development of edge computing, such as the evolution of standards and protocols, resource constraints, and how Premio is positioned as an edge device manufacturer in the industrial edge ecosystem.


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