Premio Integrates High Density Wireless Sensor Network Solution with Edyza Ushering a New Level of IoT Edge Computing

Premio and Edyza offer an integrated sensor network and computing stack without the reliance of internet connectivity more real-time industry 4.0 applications

GREATER LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Premio Inc. (, a premier global ODM/OEM provider in computing technology from the edge to cloud, has partnered with Edyza, Inc. (, an Internet of Things hardware and software company enabling dense sensor networks with its proprietary wireless radio and computing stack, to offer Edyza-enabled gateways and edge servers manufactured by Premio and certified to host Edyza’s solution with and without cloud access.

Edyza has developed an end-to-end solution that utilizes its proprietary wireless communication tuned for high density sensor networks enabling the collection of granular spatially correlated sensor data of environments that require precision controls. The expanding selection of Edyza sensor nodes tuned for high density use cases include electrical conductivity & moisture, temperature and humidity, air quality, CO2, and VOC, and digital light.  With sensor fusion, the data provides greater insights of environments to make more informed decisions and integrate into automated control systems through high-throughput messaging streams, rich APIs, spatial visualization, and workflows.

Edyza’s hardware and software solution utilizes robust gateways with local message brokers, database storage, and decisioning applications fully managed through software containers. The solution automatically adapts to internet outages by optimizing between edge and cloud processes across all its services such as real-time alerts and actions, integrations into on-premise control systems, machine learning algorithms, and local user interfaces. “We have learned first-hand from our deployments that industrial environments have unstable internet connectivity, making edge computing critical for our customers to realize the full potential of their high density sensor network,” stated Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Edyza. “With Edyza-enabled Premio computing hardware, our customers have a more practical solution they can rely on regardless of  cloud availability and they can gain all the benefits Premio provides such as fanless designs, IP-ratings, and a strong history in embedded computing.”

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on the convergence of IoT and Edge Computing

With its partnership with Premio, Edyza is now able to offer a consistent experience for its customers across all industries including agriculture, hospitals, supply and logistics and more. This technology partnership between sensor networks and edge-computing offers a scalable infrastructure for large-scale data collection and processing with a validated edge compute network architecture. “The data explosion and value from Edyza’s innovative high density IoT capabilities are at the forefront of a massive digital transformation for industries like smart agriculture,”  states Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing for Premio. “By deploying Premio’s rugged industrial computers into an edge-enabled network, we are able to accelerate the specific requirements needed for remote and edge workload applications that depend on compute power and mission critical reliability”

For over 30 years, Premio’s engineering expertise and manufacturing agility have been delivering hardware solutions in enterprise servers/storage, industrial embedded systems and industrial touch panel displays for some of the world’s premier technology companies. Premio’s experience in rugged system reliability and computer engineering has been a valuable asset for its partners like Edyza because of  the ability to accelerate into the market with a validated compute solution.

At Premio’s Booth #1937 within the Sensor Expo in San Jose on June 26-27, 2019, Edyza and Premio will be showcasing their innovative joint capabilities. The live demonstration will feature an enclosed environment of controlled temperature, humidity, condensation, and airflow with a sensor node network that emulates many of Edyza’s actual customer deployments where nodes are deployed every 25 square feet. The nodes will communicate using Edyza’s proprietary wireless network protocol for high density and powered by Premio’s industrial computer gateway (RCO-1000 Series  / BCO-1000 Series) and IP65 industrial touch panel PC (VIO-Series) that will host the Edyza edge computing services and user interfaces. Most importantly, the demonstration will operate entirely without internet connectivity. The goal of the demonstration is to encourage the market to imagine a new level of sensor networks that can enable artificial intelligence and machine learning never contemplated before.

Edyza and Premio are seeking industry channel partners, sensor manufacturers, and end customers to explore scaling sensor network deployments with Edyza’s high density wireless capabilities and Premio’s embedded systems and industrial touch panels.

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About Edyza, Inc.

Edyza is a hardware and software technology company that enables dense internet of things networks in industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Edyza’s high density internet of things (HD-IoT) wireless communication software uses a proprietary channel method to enable thousands of sensors and actuators to communicate in close proximity with extraordinary power efficiency and minimal interference. Combined with its fog, edge and cloud computing software platform, Edyza offers unprecedented levels of data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for machine learning, predictive analytics, and automation. Edyza is based in Irvine, California and has 30 years of combined experience in wireless, big data, and software-as-a-service. Edyza builds nervous systems for the physical world with our IoT-HD technologies. To learn more, visit

About Premio, Inc.

Premio is a premier global ODM/OEM provider in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class product solutions for businesses with complex, highly specialized requirements. For over 30 years, our engineering expertise and manufacturing agility have been delivering hardware solutions in enterprise servers/storage, industrial embedded systems and industrial touch panel displays for some of the world’s premier technology companies. With a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485) and strategic locations in Taiwan, Malaysia and Germany. Premio provides robust product engineering, flexible speed to market and unlimited manufacturing transparency.

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