Industrial Edge Computers are Driving High Density IoT Networks (Podcast)


Successfully integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into the fabric of industrial technology has always been a tricky task. The massive amount of data being generated by these varied and numerous connected devices have been providing deep insights and business analytics for unprecedented decision making capabilities. But in order to aggregate and process all the data for actionable results in real-time, an edge computing solution is necessary to analyze the streams of data stemming from each and every IoT device. Building smarter technologies with data and IoT is beginning to disrupt industries in agriculture, healthcare, retail, logistics, and manufacturing creating real value and growth for the future.

John Lam, Premio VP of Embedded Sales

In this podcast discussion, Premio's John Lam, VP of Embedded Sales, joined Edyza's CEO & Co-founder Atul Patel, to dive into the new opportunities for high-density IoT sensors accompanied by rugged edge computers. This partnership has opened up new avenues for critical data analysis that can pinpoint specific metrics at a granular level. With this capability and insight, cannabis cultivators have been able to maximize crop production and quality, thereby increasing profit margins.

Cannabis Tech Application Story

Learn more about generating real-time data analytics for cannabis tech with our application deployment

By utilizing Premio's BCO-1000 as an IoT gateway and the RCO-3000 as an edge computer, Edyza was able to deploy a network of sensors measuring for CO2, humidity, temperature, light, and vapor pressure throughout an entire production facility. The scale of the operation required a robust computing solution that could monitor each individual sensor's measurements and compile real-time insights that helped automate fertigation, light scheduling, and irrigation cycles.

With the advent of high density IoT sensors and rugged edge computers that can deliver advantageous real-time data analytics, industries will have better predictability for maximizing growth.

Atul Patel, Edyza


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