AWS IoT Greengrass Software Now Qualified to Run on Premio Inc Rugged Edge and Embedded IoT Computers

AWS IoT Greengrass certification streamlines device interoperability into the cloud and provides real-time processing capabilities for enterprise-class IoT deployments


 Key AWS IoT Greengrass Benefits: 

  • Respond to local events in near real-time 
  • Operate offline 
  • Secure communication 
  • Simplified device programming with container support 
  • Reduce the cost of running IoT applications 
  • Broad platform support from ARM to x86 architectures


CITY OF INDUSTRY, GREATER LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Premio Inc., a global ODM/OEM edge and cloud computing solutions provider, announced today its successful completion of Amazon’s AWS Device Qualification Program for its embedded IoT and edge computers. Dedicated Premio computing technology for connected IoT is now validated to operate on AWS IoT Greengrass software — AWS’s IoT platform delivering local compute, messaging, data telemetry, sync and machine learning inference capabilities to edge devices. This certification from Amazon facilitates many system integrators and IoT end-users in their abilities to scale their IoT deployments and sync valuable data to the cloud. This new certification directly helps partners easily select embedded IoT and rugged edge computers from Premio Inc.’s fanless computing solutions.

“The AWS IoT Greengrass certification is an added value for our partners looking to quickly integrate our embedded IoT computing solutions with the AWS Cloud,” Dustin Seetoo, Product Marketing Director for Premio, said. “The technical validation from AWS ensures functionality and compatibility of AWS IoT Greengrass software for end-user solution integrators deploying our rugged computers in rigorous, remote, mobile or exposed environments at the edge.” 

Premio continues its three decades of strong ecosystem partnerships that improve product value, streamline acquisition and ensure next-gen technology compatibility for clientsPremio’s technology partners leverage its engineering and ODM IoT designs for edge and cloud deployments. Many of the computing solutions include rugged edge and NVR computers, industrial embedded computers, industrial touch displays, high-performance data center and cloud storage.  In addition to its embedded IoT computing  platforms,  Premio also provides turn-key manufacturing automation and support for a competitive IoT device time to market for the U.S., APAC and EMEA. 

The AWS IoT Greengrass certification lets Premio’s partners deploy its portfolio of edge and embedded industrial computers, harnessing AWS’s cloud compute, machine learning and data management capabilities within their connected IoT systems.  Certified devices are easier for clients to identify as they scale their enterprise IoT systems or plan to undertake the digital transformation to optimize processes and gain fresh, real-time business insights.  

Premio remains steadfast in its mission to establish and nurture technology partnerships that accelerate its clients’ realization of IoT projects tailored to their unique business needs.  Premio’s clients can select its devices from AWS IoT Greengrass certified device catalog with the knowledge that they have been thoroughly vetted for compatibility, readiness and usability with the IoT platform. 

Learn more about AWS IoT Greengrass and Premio’s certified industrial embedded and edge computers: 


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