U.S Based Industrial PC & High Performance Server Manufacturers

Finding Trusted Industrial Computer Manufacturers Made in the United States.


At Premio, we design, manufacture, assemble and provide support for premium industrial computers from within the United States. We have been doing so for over 30 years in the U.S, helping enterprise customers design and manufacture industrial computing solutions for mission-critical IoT applications. Checkout Premio's track record and strengths that can benefit your enterprise business scale computing solutions in a 31 year anniversary blog post.  Our systems are tested and validated to operate reliably regardless of the environment in which they are deployed under rigorous environmental testing criteria.



You should consider buying industrial computers from the U.S based industrial computer manufacturers because there is a noticeable difference in quality between the inexpensive industrial computers you can typically find online on sites such as Alibaba and AliExpress.

There is a simple principle that applies, you pay for what you get, which is especially true for industrial computing design.  If you look inside the systems, you will immediately notice the poor internal components are used in the system. The use of low-quality components usually translates into hardware failure, causing detrimental downtime. Downtime in industrial settings usually translates into lost productivity and lost profits.

Typically, low-priced industrial PCs cost less because they are configured using non-branded internal components that include low-quality SSDs, Wi-Fi cards, and RAM memory. Low-quality components create an unreliable industrial computing system that is not as reliable as premium-grade industrial computers. Premium industrial computer manufacturers, such as Premio, use brand name internal components for the CPU, RAM, SSDs, RAM, Wi-Fi, and LAN Connectivity tested and validated to perform under the most volatile conditions.


Additionally, premium industrial PC manufacturers stress test industrial computers and components to ensure that they seamlessly and reliably operate, reducing the amount of downtime a business or organization may experience as a result of incompatible components.

We understand that downtime is detrimental to businesses and organizations, and so we do everything possible to ensure that our industrial computing systems will perform reliably and optimally regardless of the environments in which they are deployed.

But most importantly, poor quality industrial PCs often use off-the-shelf motherboards and components to put together a system, rather than evaluating the entire design from concept to product realization. On the other hand, Premier industrial computer manufacturers, such as Premio custom design, engineer, and build industrial computer systems in-house in the United States. This ensures that all of the components work harmoniously, eliminating the possibility that systems will malfunction due to poor-quality components and build quality.


Additionally, many low-quality industrial computers utilize inexpensive off-the-shelf components and only custom design the enclosure. At Premio, we custom design and build our own industrial-grade PCB motherboards and enclosures for systems, ensuring a tight fit that is guaranteed to safeguard the internal components from the ingress of dust, debris, and water. Even in environmental scenarios where shock and vibration are present, the overall mechanical placement and system design make a key difference in overall quality for long-term reliability.

Furthermore, many poor-quality industrial computers use cables throughout the system to connect SSDs (solid-state drives) and HDDs (hard drives) to the motherboard. The use of cables impacts the reliability of the system, especially if they’re exposed to frequent shocks and vibrations. At Premio, we have eliminated all cables from our industrial PCs, creating a completely cableless system, eliminating the possibility that a system will stop performing properly due to a cable coming loose from its connection.


Also, Premium industrial computers such as those offered by Premio are equipped with wide temperature range components that allow the system to withstand deployment in extreme environments that are freezing cold where the temperatures reach -40⁰C or scorching hot environments where the temperatures reach 85⁰C.


Rugged industrial computers are able to survive in such environments due to wide temperature range components and the fanless design of the systems, which passively cools down the computer system by using heatsinks to transfer heat away from internal heat-generating components to the outer enclosure of the industrial PC, which then dissipates the heat in the air surrounding the system without the use of any fans.


When choosing an industrial computing solution, you should consider the support that comes with the solution. At Premio, we understand that after-sales service can make or break a business. We want our customers to succeed, so we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers find the right industrial computing solution for their workloads and offer assistance to them long after they’ve received the computer systems. Our global customer service network is strategically located in North America, EMEA, and APAC regions, allowing Premio to provide incredible customer service for every product that we ship. Overall, Premio’s customer service team strives to ensure a swift, painless, and cost-effective resolution to each and every customer service issue encountered. Premio has been able to stay ahead of the curve by listening to its clients’ feedback and using it to improve itself and provide stellar customer service to its customers.

Tariffs & Import Taxes

When purchasing industrial computers from other counties such as China, you should consider the tariffs and import taxes that you will have to pay for importing industrial PCs to the U.S. At the time of writing this post, President Trump imposed a 25% tariff (tax) on all products imported to the United States from China.

So, when assessing the cost of purchasing industrial computers, you should take into account the tariffs, you will need to pay for importing them to the U.S. To avoid tariffs altogether, you should explore the option of purchasing industrial computers from a well-known U.S based industrial manufacturer such as Premio. This will allow you to avoid paying expensive tariffs associated with importing industrial computing solutions from China. Premio’s supply chain teams ensure healthy stocking levels for standard computers on its roadmap, offering massive scale flexibility in the United States.  

Lengthy Shipping Times

If you have ever purchased products from overseas countries such as China, you will probably be familiar with how long it takes to receive a product from there. If you are buying industrial computers from overseas and choose to have the products shipped to you by the ocean, it will take 30 to 40 days from the day the product is shipped out to receive the product. Even with quicker shipping methods, it may take weeks to receive a product due to import rules and regulations. To avoid the expensive shipping options and tariffs associated with purchasing inexpensive products from overseas, you should consider purchasing industrial computers from well-known U.S manufacturers who can ship the systems to you in the shortest time possible but also provide local turn-key support.


When purchasing an unbranded or weak branded industrial computer, you assume full responsibility for any issues or problems that arise from the use of the system. If the system breaks down, there is no company standing behind the product that will offer to repair or replace the device. However, you should explore the option of purchasing industrial computers from a U.S based company with a strong brand that will stand behind its product, such as Premio. Premio offers extended warranty options on all industrial computing products sold by it or its authorized sellers. If the product does not work for reasons other than misuse, Premio will provide you with either the option to repair the system or replace it with its manufacturing depot warranty.

Clear User Manuals

If you have ever purchased inexpensive, non-brand name industrial computers, you’ve probably encountered one of the two scenarios: the industrial computer came with no user manual or the industrial PC came with an instructional/user manual that was poorly written and did not give sufficient guidance on how to use and configure the system. At Premio, you will not encounter this issue. This is so because all of our products come with user manuals written by native English speakers, using clear language. Our user manuals show you how to set up the system, how to set up the BIOS, as well as showing proper use of the system.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that even though it may be tempting to purchase cheap industrial computers from overseas sources, you are better off buying them from a trusted and local U.S supplier for a variety of time-saving and headache-removing reasons. This is so because industrial PCs come with a trusted warranty program, there are no import tariffs on industrial computers purchased from a U.S supplier, shipping times are within reason, and all products come with helpful user manuals that will assist you with operating and configuring the system.