[PODCAST] Snapshots into the Edge eBook: Unveiling Insider Insights into Edge Computing

For some background information about the ebook, listen to Premio’s latest podcast below from Dustin Seetoo, Premio Inc’s director of product marketing, for an exclusive interview highlighting these topics:

  • Introduction of the ebook
  • Premio’s commitment to computing innovation and leading architecture   
  • Premio’s purpose and motivation behind the ebook
  • Recent Premio Developments
  • Trends in edge computing
  • Impact of 5G in edge computing
  • Premio’s strategic vision and product roadmap


Background Summary 

Premio Inc.'s new ebook "Snapshots into the Edge" is set to be released on April 1, 2024, No April Fools, We Promise! It will be available for download from our website under the ebook and whitepaper resource section. The ebook aims to provide a condensed, focused, actionable toolkit for the industry to maneuver and make the best use of edge computing from the perspective of an edge device manufacturer for over 35+ years. It covers key market research, trends, and predictions for edge computing, but also identifies key hardware players behind semiconductor technology. In addition, a key benefit of the ebook is a breakdown of Premio's key product lines and how they fit into the edge ecosystem from a performance vs. power comparison standpoint. The ebook also addresses major market trends shaping the development of edge computing, such as the evolution of standards and protocols, resource constraints, and how Premio is positioned as an edge device manufacturer in the industrial edge ecosystem.


In addition to the ebook, Premio Inc. has been working on new product designs and models over the last six months, mapping out a strong 5Q product roadmap for new products in 2024. These new products are designed to meet the demands of edge computing solutions, with a focus on specialized hardware, integration with OT technology, 5G connectivity, security, and safety compliance. Premio emphasizes rugged reliability, wide operating temperatures, shock/vibration resistance, and certifications for safety in its portfolio of computing solutions. In summary, Premio has been engaging in conversations with clients about key transformative technologies behind edge computing and ultimately enabling partners in various industry verticals to learn about its upcoming products in 2024 and its new ebook, "Snapshots into the Edge."



Key Questions & Answers from Interview

Q: What is the purpose of the 'Snapshots into the Edge' ebook by Premio?  

A: The purpose of the 'Snapshots into the Edge' ebook is to provide a concise view of the Edge today, synthesizing analytical and technical material, industry research, and thought leadership to guide embedded designers in making the best decisions for developing and deploying their edge computing solutions. 

Q: When will the 'Snapshots into the Edge' ebook be available and how can it be accessed? 

A: The ebook will be available digitally on April 1st and can be easily accessed on Premio's website under the ebook and whitepaper section of their resources. Subscribers will be the first to know when the ebook is available for download. 

Q: What were the motivating factors for creating the 'Snapshots into the Edge' ebook?

A: The motivating factors for creating the ebook were knowledge consolidation, strategic planning and vision, and empowering clients' needs. It aims to provide thought leadership, showcase expertise, and address the technical complexity of products in the industry. 

Q: How does Premio help meet todays hardware needs for edge computing solutions?

A: Premio meets today's hardware needs for edge computing solutions through specialized hardware with a focus on rugged reliability, integration with OT technology, and emphasis on security and compliance. 

Q: What are some of the main considerations embedded designers should make when selecting specialized hardware?

A: Embedded designers should consider the need for powerful processing capabilities, high-speed I/O interfaces, and support for advanced analytics algorithms to derive actionable insights from industrial data. Additionally, they should prioritize security and compliance standards. 

Q: What are the key trends and motivating factors shaping Premio's work and the work of their clients?

A: The key motivating factors for Premio's work include knowledge consolidation, strategic planning and vision, and empowering clients' needs. They aim to provide thought leadership, showcase expertise, and address the technical complexity of products in the industry. 


Executive Summary  

The promise of automation is its ability to improve and modernize operations anywhere. The real-time data that once existed only in data centers can now be gathered and accessed across the spectrum of commercial and industrial settings. It’s a phenomenon highlighting a tangible shift in how we think, how we act, and how we compute. And it’s driving the rapid adoption and growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, promising to streamline processes and tighten timelines across business sectors and around the world. When layered with edge computing, data processing and analysis occur close to the source, enabling the real-time decision making that makes such a difference in industrial operations. Rugged edge computing takes these capabilities a leap further, allowing these same actions to be taken in the harshest industrial environments where extreme temperature, dust, debris, or vibration present their own challenges of performance, latency, and reliability. Think aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation, among others.  

Embedded designers are working to bring advanced automation applications to inhospitable industrial environments – empowered by the potential inherent to rugged edge computing. That said, designing for the rugged edge requires a significant understanding of the critical considerations that ensure durable, reliable computer performance suited to handle the algorithms that drive inference computing for machine intelligence. 

It's an ever-evolving dilemma that demands exploration, analysis, and expertise. And time – a luxury the vast majority of designers do not have. Reading, reviewing, and mulling over the myriad news articles, reports, and white papers covering the rugged edge is simply not feasible for any one designer. To support this challenge, Premio has considered a broad scope of respected industry analysis and research, extrapolated key insights, and developed a series of reasoned conclusions into how this emerging technology performs in a variety of severe scenarios, as well as key considerations for its implementation and success. 

A leader in the edge computing ecosystem, Premio taps into its industrial computing heritage to develop solutions that address the nuanced needs of increasingly diverse industrial applications. This is accomplished via a deep understanding of the industrial sector's needs, a commitment to leveraging the latest technologies, and a forward-looking approach to the integration of AI and computing at the edge. Premio’s focus on rugged and reliable solutions underscores the company’s commitment to meeting customer demands for uniquely rigorous performance, and actively contributing to the ongoing evolution of edge computing and AI integration. 

Premio’s ‘Snapshots into the Edge’ ebook leverages the abundance of analytical and technical material available on the rugged edge to form a concise view of what has recently been referred to as ‘the edge continuum.’ The paper delves into market and growth projections, and the industry's move towards more scalable, modular, and secure computing solutions. The document also highlights the role semiconductors play in enhancing edge AI capabilities within robust hardware solutions designed to meet the demands of industrial IoT. Key technology drivers and stakeholders are identified, along with specific, high-priority considerations influencing the selection of specialized hardware.  

To be sure, the integration of AI technologies with edge computing is a transformative force, garnering significant interest from organizations around the globe. The synergy between AI and edge computing is only expected to deepen, leading to more intelligent, secure, and efficient solutions. For deeper insight on how this drives growth in rugged edge applications, download the eBook for a snapshot into the rugged edge.