Perfecting Quality Control and Precision Metrology for Industry 4.0, Part 2 (Podcast)



Manufacturing is facing a digital transformation that is expanding the scope of operational efficiency through data-driven applications of advanced robotics, smart automation, and artificial intelligence.

In this podcast, Premio is joined by DWFritz, a leading industrial automation and metrology company, to discuss the topics of perfecting quality control with innovative vision technology that can measure and inspect components during the manufacturing process with the objective of achieving fully automated in-line systems to greatly increase throughput. Compared to legacy inspection platforms where a small percentage is sampled from a batch, near-line or in-line metrology systems have far greater control to reduce defects from going into market.

Through Premio's superior hardware partnership, DWFritz was able to match their multisensor array with Premio's industrial GPU computers to power ZeroTouch, a new non-contact metrology platform that inspects components up to 10x faster compared to traditional measuring machines. This new improvement will enable manufacturers to increase overall quality, efficiency, and throughput to meet the demands of consumers.

“It’s an important time in the industry. Digital transformation is here, and industrial automation is part of it. What we’ve seen is that many facilities have legacy systems, but they now have lots of devices that have the ability to record and process data, so new infrastructures are necessary,” Seetoo said. “That data, available in real-time, is critical for a company to analyze and prevent issues. The more that devices become connected, the more valuable the data.”