Unleash the Power of NVMe SSDs with Intel RAID on CPU (VROC)

NVMe SSDs are taking over the data center, quickly cementing themselves as the go-to technology for mission critical applications. The NVMe interface lets flash run free, getting past legacy bottlenecks of SATA and SAS interfaces. Removing the flash floodgates though introduces new architectural challenges that aren't easily solved with traditional HBA/RAID card server layouts. Intel has addressed this problem with a simplified solution for managing NVMe SSDs in servers. Virtual RAID on CPU, or Intel VROC for short, essentially allows the SSDs to have direct access to the CPUs, removing the need for an HBA entirely. This greatly simplifies both the data path and the components required to get the most out of NVMe SSDs in servers. In addition to enterprise-grade RAID, Intel VROC includes the expected serviceability the enterprise demands including pre-boot RAID management, hot plug support and LED management.

Discover and learn more about the benefits of Intel VROC by reading a feature post from storagereview.com featuring a 1U / 10 Bay all-flash NVMe storage server from our ODM partner – EchoStreams.

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