EchoStreams Introduces 2RU 6x GPU server at Computex 2018

EchoStreams, a Premio subsidiary, is an OEM/ODM solutions provider focused specifically on Server and Storage technologies for the fastest growing verticals in today's digital era, such as Cloud/Datacenter, Video, Telecommunication, and HPC.  By leveraging multiple contract manufacturers and suppliers of all capabilities, EchoStreams truly offers products of the best quality and value that cater to the needs of each of their customers.  EchoStreams effectively creates innovative niche purpose-built off-the-shelf OEM platform solutions that deliver top-tier performance and unmatched reliability. Partnering with AMD, EchoStreams will be introducing their 2RU / 6x Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) powered server at Computex 2018.  The carefully and thoughtfully designed solution platform was created to deliver both performance but also sustain reliable GPU longevity.   To learn more about GridStreams – GS206G-UN, click here.