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The future of machine intelligence – introducing Radeon Instinct.

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Built & Designed For Multiple High Performance Applications

Revolutionize The Retail Experience

As the demand for multi-GPU compute continues to carve its place in the high performance computing (HPC) market, leading ODM’s like EchoStreams focus on innovative ways to achieve critical reliability in its HPC products offerings

 EchoStreams Innovation Solutions

GridStreams - HPC / GPU Server Solution 


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Key Features

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  • 2 Rack Unit with 6 x GPU double-width cards
  • Supports Single Socket AMD EPYC CPU (128 PCIe3 Lanes)
  • Up to 2TB DDR4 of memory  
  • Support 6x NVMe SSD for storage and virtualization
    (4x 2.5” hot-swap U.2 7mm NVMe drive bays; 2x internal M.2 NVMe on board)
  • Supports 1x PCIe3 x16 slot for network card
  • 2200W Fully-Redundant (1+1) AC high efficiency HRP power supplies
  • Optimized airflow design for superior cooling (See below)
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EchoStreams is an OEM/ODM solutions provider focused specifically on Server and Storage technologies for the fastest growing verticals in today's digital era, such as Cloud/Datacenter, Video, Telecommunication, and HPC.  Visit http://www.echostreams.com/  to learn more about innovative ODM server/storage solution platforms that deliver top-tier performance and unmatched reliability. 


“By combining AMD EPYC™ processors and Radeon Instinct™ accelerators into the core of its HPC solutions, ODM partners like EchoStreams are able to leverage a robust portfolio of superior compute density and deep-learning products that are ideal for a new wave of machine intelligence technology fit for AI”

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Radeon Instinct MI25
Key Highlights  

Optimized Airflow Design For Versatile GPU Cooling

Upper Deck Airflow View

Lower Deck Airflow View

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The Next Era of Compute and Machine Intelligence

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  • Industry Leading Performance for Deep Learning
  • Next-Gen “Vega” Architecture
  • Advanced Memory Engine
  • Large BAR Support for Multi-GPU Peer to Peer
  • ROCm Open Software Platform for Rack Scale
  • Optimized MIOpen Libraries for Deep Learning
  • MxGPU Hardware Virtualization

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