Embedded Systems Solutions

Robust Industrial Computing Platforms

We Stand Behind the Platforms Your Business Runs On

Premio’s industrial PC and embedded technologies provide industrial-grade platforms to a wide array of segments including: medical, factory automation, test equipment, networking, retail, and many others. Premio’s unique ability to offer solutions from board-level to system-level allows us to provide a one-stop shop for customers looking for robust industrial computer platforms to support their applications. In addition to standard Industrial motherboard and PC, Premio also offers a full range of engineering services to meet customers’ requirements. Be it a simple I/O or boot screen change or a full system design, our program management and engineering teams strive hard to deliver a cost-effective, fast time-to-market solution.


The Rugged Fanless Systems line delivers powerful performance in a rugged structure that can be embedded in a wide range of applications. Each solution leverages a Anti Shock/Vibration cable-less design is able withstand heavy movement and extreme temperatures.

The In-Vehicle Fanless Systems line is a compact solution that is designed to fit a wide array of applications. Each solutions comes with various form factors to accommodate I/O and and expansion options.

Premio’s line of industrial motherboards represents the standard of enterprise computing as well as the future of data management. Featuring Intel’s Skylake processor and backed by our unmatched level of services, each motherboard is crafted to fit your business’s needs.