Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency by integrating 80 PLUS directives into all systems

80 PLUS Directives

We can all contribute to the effort to utilize energy efficiently. One way is to properly power down or hibernate when the computer is not in use. Another method is to use energy-efficient appliances or components. Premio integrates 80 PLUS directives into all its systems. 80 PLUS is an innovative, electric-utility-funded, incentive program that integrates energy efficient power supplies into desktop computers and desktop-derived servers. Power supplies are the devices that convert AC power into DC power used in most electronics.

Premio’s 80 PLUS qualified systems will reduce your computer’s energy use by an average of 15% to 25%. This translates to annual savings of approximately 85 kWh per year in desktop computers and 300 kWh per year in desktop-derived servers. Premio’s utilization of 80 PLUS directives will also allow you to reap the benefits of improved power quality, energy savings, increased reliability and reduced heat output. These benefits result in a longer lasting system that will save you both time and money.