Small Form Factor Computer

Small Form Factor Computers are purpose-built for deployment at the edge of a network. By moving processing power and storage closer to the source of data, these systems enable real-time analysis and decision-making. Premio’s rugged edge PCs are paving the way for deploying smart technology when conditions get tough. Our small form computers utilize a cableless and fanless design that allows them to reliably operate in the harshest remote, mobile, and decentralized applications. They also are tested to withstand frequent exposure to shock and vibration, which is essential for some applications such as intelligent transportation vehicles. Additionally, these ruggedized computing solutions offer a wide voltage input range and power protection measures for safe and reliable operations for IoT. Rich wireless connectivity in cellular and wifi also help edge computers stay connected to the internet for data monitoring, data transfer, and real-time control.

Fanless And Modular Design
  • Extended MTBF
  • Fanless passive cooling technology for better reliability
  • Aluminum heatsink fins to transfer heat
  • Customizable I/O modules for legacy and next-gen data speeds
Designed for the Harshest Operating Environments
  • From -40°C to 70°C extended operating temperature
  • Fanless passive cooling for long-term reliability
  • MIL-STD810G 5Grms Vibration, 5 - 500 Hz, 0.5 hr/axis
  • MIL-STD810G 50G Shock, half sine, 11ms
Wide Input Voltage And Power Protection
  • 9-50VDC support
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over current protection
  • Reverse protection
Wireless IoT Connectivity and Security
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 4G/ LTE, 5G
  • TPM 2.0