Premio Exhibits at MODEX 2024 | Booth #C5269


Premio Exhibiting at MODEX 2024

Premio is no stranger to exhibiting at MODEX 2024. With advancements in manufacturing and supply chain operations, rugged edge computing solutions are required to act as the ‘brains’ of the whole system. These latest innovations demand a reliable industrial computer to power complex AI algorithms, connect various IoT sensors, and process/store data in real-time. Our robust portfolio of industrial computers provides system integrators and OEM designers with flexible and optimized edge computing solutions for their projects.

Meet the Premio team at MODEX 2024 at Booth #C5269 to learn more about our latest rugged edge computing solutions!

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Streamlining Edge AI for Smart Manufacturing & Supply Chain

The main takeaways at MODEX are the latest technological innovations in manufacturing and supply chain operations. From robotic guidance systems to AGV solutions, these technologies are pioneering the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Where does Premio position itself in this environment? All these innovations require some sort of edge computing solution to seamlessly process AI and analyze data. Our industrial computers are purpose-built to reliably deliver these necessary features to streamline edge AI in harsh factory settings.


Enabling HMI Automation for Real-Time Data Insights

Monitor statuses, assess latency-sensitive data, and control machinery in a safe remote location with HMI touch panel PCs. With the rising count of IoT devices/sensors and demand for real-time data insights, HMIs have become a prominent solution to consolidate data from various sensors into a single navigable screen. Our HMI solutions consolidate crucial information and display it all within a single screen for actionable insights. Premio’s line of HMI displays features remarkable durability and/or flexibility to meet various automation requirements.


Industrial Power Redundancy using Supercapacitor Technology

Factory floors and other industrial environments are frequent to power instability and fluctuations. These abrupt power events can result in corrupted data and operational downtime. Premio’s ECO-1000 Series is a specialized UPS that leverages supercapacitor technology to reliably deploy in hazardous industrial environments.