Register Now: 12/8 - 12/9 Advanced Technology Product Demo Days for Computer and Machine Vision


On December 8-9, join us on Advanced Technology Product Demo Days hosted by Vision Systems Design where we will share exclusive insights into hardware solutions for industrial AI systems, and showcase our latest AI Edge computer. In addition, you may tune in to a live Q&A session with our director of product marketing Dustin Seetoo to learn more about our company vision and our perspective on edge computing! 

Date: December 8-9, 2020
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On-demand access for a Q&A session with our director of product marketing Dustin Seetoo and associate editor at Vision Systems Design, Dennis Scimeca about key benefits of rugged edge computing


Must read blog articles before the event

What is Edge AI Computing? 


Edge AI refers to running AI algorithms locally on an edge AI computer that is close to the source of data. AI Edge computing is transformative as it allows you to process data within milliseconds, giving you real-time information and decision-making for machine learning intelligence. This enables inference analysis to be performed at the edge instead of sending the data to the cloud, which has higher latency. Learn more about AI edge computing, its benefits, and applications here.

Machine Learning and Inference Analysis at the Rugged Edge



Limitations of cloud in bandwidth, availability and data processing speed hinder the process of performing machine learning, inference analysis and AI applications. To alleviate these restrictions, rugged edge computers are deployed to process data closer to the data source, which enable AI applications to perform more efficiently and accurately. What is machine learning? How does inference analysis inform the intelligent rugged edge? What are the leading examples of rugged edge computing in the context of AI?  Learn more here 

Industrial PC Designs for Machine Vision Automation and Inspection 


Machine vision, also known as the eyes of a machine, refers to the ability of a computer to visualize using one or more video cameras. It captures images and creates an action course. The machines combine hardware and software algorithms to process complex visual tasks that the human eye cannot process. Robotic automation, for example, requires enormous amount of productivity and efficiency gains with intelligent machines. We summarized 8 key features for an industrial PC with GPU to be used in machine vision applications such as quality inspection and digital surveillance. Learn more here 

Rugged Edge Case Studies

Want to learn more about technical insights of rugged edge computing and its real-world business applications? Go to the Premio blog for an informative “Rugged Edge-ucation” as well as a deeper dive into Premio’s unique design principles and approaches to edge computing.  


 Listen to Podcast: The Rugged Edge Survival Guide

Achieving real-time decision making and predictive analytics is an increasingly strategic goal among industrial operations. Tune in to our latest podcast series “The Rugged Edge Survival Guide” where our Director of Product Marketing Dustin Seetoo talks about the need for rugged edge computing and the hardware relationship it has with how data is processed at the edge. Learn more here.