Premio Releases Newest Fanless Mini Computer Supported by AMD Ryzen Embedded Processors

The BCO-2000 series now supports Premio’s 3.5” single board computer in AMD R1000 and V1000 embedded processors 

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, May 15, 2023 – Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge embedded computing technology, has added an AMD Ryzen embedded model to its BCO-2000 series of ruggedized fanless mini computers. By leveraging its own CT-DR101 3.5" SBC Industrial Motherboard with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R1000/V1000 Series Processors, Premio now provides a fully validated and ruggedized computing solution in its line of fanless mini computers. 

The BCO-2000-RYZ is a rugged mini computer that uses a fanless enclosure to ensure high-performance multi-core processing, rich visual display, and rich I/O connectivity for space constrained deployments.  

“As the manufacture of ruggedized x86 computing solutions, we are able to leverage our own industrial motherboards for rapid system-level scale,” said Dustin Seetoo, Premio’s product marketing director said.  “Our expertise in mechanical engineering, system reliability, and environmental testing has allowed us to quickly add new computing solutions to our portfolio to address growing market demands.” 

For this latest release, AMD’s Ryzen embedded processors integrate with their Zen and Vega CPU & GPU to create a single SoC solution that sets to build a new standard in processing power for many embedded applications. The BCO-2000-RYZ supports both AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 (R1606G) and V1000 (V1605B) series SoC processors in a low 12-25W TDP, offering up to 32GB of ECC memory, various I/O options, multiple 4K resolution display outputs, and ultra-low latency wireless connectivity.   

A key feature in the BCO-2000-RYZ is the ability to pull additional I/O by leveraging its mPCIe/M.2 slots that can be connected to its front I/O brackets, allowing for more unique customization and I/O configurations. Through two expandable I/O brackets, system integrators and OEMs can configure specific I/O configurations, such as additional USB or COM ports to help meet their specific application requirements.  

“A key differentiator in Premio’s computing solutions is its flexible and modular design for additional I/O across its entire product portfolio,” Seetoo also said. “Although the BCO-2000 series uses a standard 3.5” single board computer, our design still allows scalable I/O options in a fanless mini enclosure.  

The BCO-2000-RYZ features dual independent ultra-high-resolution 4K displays to deliver vibrant multimedia display for more immersive graphics at the rugged edge. In addition, it supports 5G/4G cellular connectivity with a built-in SIM card slot for uncompromising wireless connectivity at the edge, along with Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 6 for high-speed wireless connectivity. The system is equipped with next-generation AMD Secure Processor (PSP) and additional discrete TPM 2.0 to ensure optimal security and encryption to safeguard the device, data, and transmissions from malicious actions.  

The BCO-2000-RYZ is built, tested, and validated with an industrial rugged design to enable durability and reliability in harsh industrial environments. Measuring in at 140mm (D), 192mm (W), 57.6mm (H), the BCO-2000-RYZ is compact to allow for edge applications where space is limited. Through its fanless design, the BCO-2000-V1605B is also built to withstand extreme industrial environments where wide temperature, dust, debris, shock, and vibrations are common.  

  • Wide temperatures from –20oC to 55oC, 
  • 20G Shock and 3 Grms Vibration Resistance 
  • Certification Ready: FCC, CE 
  • Optional Wall mount/DIN-rail mounting  

The BCO-2000-RYZ is the ideal fanless mini computer that delivers rich graphic immersive graphics in a low power and compact form factor. With breakthrough performance in AMD’s “Zen” CPU and “Vega” GPU architecture, the BCO-2000-RYZ brings unparalleled efficiency and performance for many key applications including: digital signage, casino gaming, IIoT & robotics, and smart retail and kiosks. 

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