Premio Joins Microsoft Platinum OEM Program

Premio Computer, Inc. today announced its new status as a Microsoft Platinum OEM. Premio, a manufacturer of built-to-order computer systems and education software, has been named a Microsoft Platinum OEM because of its direct agreement with a Microsoft subsidiary to license Microsoft products for distribution in fully assembled personal computers. The Microsoft Platinum OEM designation will enable Premio to take advantage of the positive attributes of the Microsoft brand.

Premio is extremely pleased with our new status as a Microsoft Platinum OEM,” said Tom Tsao, Vice President of Premio. “Being a Microsoft Platinum OEM enables us to communicate the direct licensing agreement we have with Microsoft via our marketing efforts with the channel and end-user customers.”

The Microsoft Platinum OEM designation allows Premio to utilize the Microsoft Platinum OEM logo, which is an easy way for customers to recognize Premio as one of Microsoft’s valued OEMs.

“Microsoft is very pleased to have Premio as a Platinum OEM,” said Monica Hansman of Microsoft. “Today, Microsoft recognizes Premio and welcomes it as a new Microsoft Platinum OEM.”

Founded in 1989 and based in Southern California, Premio® is a full-service technology company providing hardware, software, networking and manufacturing solutions to businesses, educational institutions and government agencies throughout North and South America. From the beginning, Premio’s focus has been its line of built-to-order desktops, notebooks, servers and workstations. Regional operations in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey provide local service and support for its loyal customer base. Premio is also the maker of eSembler™ for Education, an innovative web-based application for managing student information within a K-12 environment.