Premio Now to Offer an Industrial Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Computer on its High-Performance Embedded Industrial PCs and Machine Vision Computers

 Premio Now to Offer an Industrial Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Computer on its High-Performance Embedded Industrial PCs and Machine Vision Systems

GREATER LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – As industrial automation gravitates toward a smarter and more intelligent “Industry 4.0” era, Premio continues to be at the forefront of this shift with its latest release of high-performance industrial GPU computers. Premio, a premier global ODM/OEM service provider in computing technology, is adding a power-efficient GPU solution to its robust portfolio of Industrial Embedded Computers (RCO-6020-1050TI) and Machine Vision System products (VCO-6020-1050TI) to meet the growing demands for machine intelligence on factory floors.

“The ability for traditional industrial computers to use vison and image processing is an essential prerequisite for machine learning,” Premio’s Embedded IPC Product Manager, Calvin Chen said. “By consolidating GPU analysis locally at the edge and eliminating the need for the cloud, factory automation applications can now have immediate access to highly-efficient but more intelligent machines.”

OEM customers and strategic distribution partners can now purchase the new industrial GPU computers directly from Premio.  This release of industrial GPU computers has been tested and certified to provide outstanding machine vision performance, robust edge-computing, and flexible I/O expandability for a variety of factory automation applications. With GPU-enhanced computing now as an option, Premio’s industrial embedded PC products offer accelerated on-demand performance for signal processing, image recognition, and radar imaging. These computation abilities especially image recognition, give way to an enormous amount of opportunities for machine intelligence in industrial automation environments.

Premio’s current generation of industrial computers (RCO-6000 and VCO-6000 Series) are designed specifically for machine automation/vision operations needing low-power performance and long-term reliability. Once deployed, the rugged and durable design of Premio’s industrial computers are all proven to function properly in harsh factory environments, delivering 24/7 continuous automation and manufacturing efficiency.  Everything from its: rugged and cable-less design; wide-temperature ratings (-25 to 70C); wide rage voltage input (9 to 48 VDC); shock and vibration levels (3-5 GRMS); flexible I/O ports; and multiple expansion slots provide a comprehensive industrial computing product offering. 

In addition to all the key industrial benefits already featured on Premio’s industrial computers, the new industrial GPU computers (RCO-6020-1050TI and VCO-6020-1050TI) can be configured with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics processing unit (GPU). The GTX 1050Ti GPU provides a pure performance boost (1.98 TFLOPS) for applications workloads requiring parallelism and intensive computation such as image processing/inspection, vision guided robotics, machine learning, and neural networking.

“By combining our proven rugged systems with an industrial graded GPU, our new GPU computers enable industrial automation manufactures the ability to receive real-time image processing and analysis directly on the factory floor,” Chen also said. “This type of data access and real-time analysis is defining the way business decisions are being made; especially in a time where data is becoming more valuable than oil, predictive analysis with machine intelligence is the way of the future.”

The RCO-6020-1050TI and VCO-6020-1050TI is also built around the proven technology for both image processing and compute. With the combination of Intel’s 7th Generation (Kaby Lake) dual-core processers and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1050Ti (Pascal) CUDA Cores GPU, Premio continues to design and build a variety of versatile embedded IoT computing solutions targeted  specifically for key vertical markets in industrial automation, machine and computer visioning, military/defense, and human machine interface kiosks.

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