Premio Brings More Processing Power to its Stainless Steel Washdown Touchscreen Computers

Premio adds a new 21.5” washdown panel PC to its line of watertight, stainless steel touchscreen computers. The new Panel PC is equipped with embedded longevity and performance thanks to the inclusion of a powerful Intel 8th Gen i5 Mobile-U processor. 

The SIO Series of washdown touchscreen computers is hardened for harsh environments where the rugged panel PCs will frequently be exposed to liquids, debris, and chemical cleaning agents. The SIO Series is ingress protection (IP) rated for IP66/IP69K to withstand exposure to high temperature, high-pressure washdowns common in cleanrooms, and hygienic workspaces.  Premio will also be introducing a 24” model later in 2021 that will feature all the rugged SIO Series benefits with the powerful Intel i5 Mobile-U processor.       

The SIO Series is designed to deliver a high-performance control interface and automation into cleanrooms and environments that require unquestionable hygiene. The suitability for hygienic environments makes the SIO Series an excellent solution for food and beverage processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms, and smart agriculture.  

Premio has equipped the New SIO Series with  Intel’s Core i5 8365UE Mobile-U Processor, featuring four cores with Intel Hyperthreading technology-enabled. The processor has a base frequency of 1.60 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.10 GHz, enabling the SIO Series of washdown computers to tackle complex workloads with relative ease. All of this performance is possible from a 15W TDP SoC design that packs compute power and graphics onto a single silicon die.  

“Our SIO Stainless Steel washdown panel pcs are designed for factory environments that require ingress protection, industrial-grade ruggedization, and ultimate reliability,” Dustin Seetoo, Premio’s director of product marketing, said. “By incorporating a powerful system-on-chip i5 mobile-U processor, these rugged panel pcs offer additional multi-core processing for automation and HMI workloads in factory and outdoor applications.”     

The SIO series employs a fanless design, eliminating a common failure point and common venting vulnerabilities. This rugged panel PC is tightly sealed, enabling the system to sustain punishing temperatures, harsh impacts, and exposure to intense equipment washdowns in processing environments. Type 316 stainless steel provides the SIO Series with advanced corrosion resistance against a wide variety of caustic and acidic chemicals. Additionally, the SIO Series is equipped with native controls that allow users to disable touchscreen functions, allowing the rugged panel PC  to operate throughout intense washdowns.  

The rugged panel PC is equipped with a 7H hardness touch glass, making it resistant to scratches from sharp objects and gritty contact with gloved hands. The SIO Series can be configured with either resistive or capacitive touch displays for natural, responsive interaction with bare and gloved hands. Moreover, this rugged panel PC line can be configured with an optional 1,000 nits high brightness panes that aids visibility in glaring outdoor environments.  

Another option for the SIO Series is optical bonding technology, which eliminates the air gap between the display and the glass, reducing reflection and increasing readability. Additionally, optical bonding prevents fog formation in the event that the temperature rapidly changesresulting from internal condensation.  

Furthermore, the SIO Series features I/O expandability and an interactive display for dynamic industrial deployments. The SIO Series comes equipped with industrial-grade locking M12 connectors, enabling intrusion-resistant I/O union with a host of different peripherals.  

Design innovations also include straight AC-in power directly from AC sources via an M12 locking connector, eliminating the need for additional electrical converters with waterproof NEMA-rated enclosures. This simplifies integration into in-line automation facilities and factory infrastructures.  

Systems also come with Wi-Fi or cellular LTE connectivity options, allowing for remote deployments and system management at the rugged edge. 

Moreover, the SIO Series has been hardened to endure challenging deployments thanks to the inclusion of shock and vibration resistance and wide operating temperature ranges. These rugged features significantly expand the environments in which the SIO Series can be deployed, ranging from harsh factory processing or outdoor environments.  Furthermore, this industrial Panel PC comes with tremendous mounting flexibility. For example, the SIO can be situated onto a yoke or VESA mount or within recessed panel spaces, offering a variety of mounting options for industrial applications.


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