Premio Adds Configurable Hailo-8™ AI Processors to Core Line of Industrial Computers: RCO-1000, RCO-3000, and RCO-6000 Series


Hailo-8™ AI Processors enable edge-native inference acceleration on RCO-1000, RCO-3000, and RCO-6000 Series 

Greater Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, October 9, 2023 – Premio Inc., a global leader in rugged edge and embedded computing technology, announced today that the company now offers HAILO-8 AI accelerator modules for its flagship line of industrial computers, the RCO Series. The Hailo-8™ processor is a compact edge AI accelerator that provides up to 26 tera operations per second (TOPS) and uses a typical power consumption of less than 2.5 watts per module. Edge AI deployments can integrate a low-power Hailo-8™ module with any Premio x86 industrial-grade RCO-1000, RCO-3000, or RCO-6000 Series computer to process inference analysis and object detection workloads in real time. 

“Premio continues to recognize the crucial role that AI is playing at the edge. By integrating HAILO’s M.2 accelerators to empower our computers, we give system integrators a powerful choice in their deployments – bringing reduced costs, thermal and power constraints, and a faster time to market,” said Dustin Seetoo, Premio’s product marketing director. 

HAILO-8 M.2 AI Accelerators are made readily available in the RCO Series either directly on board or through Premio’s EDGEBoost I/O modules that feature a M.2 carrier board. With EDGEBoost I/O modules, customers may utilize either a M.2 M-key in PCIe x4 or B-key in a PCIe x2 to allow for maximum throughput. 


HAILO Supported x86 Rugged Computers 


  • Ultra Compact Fanless Mini-Computer 
  • Supports 1x Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Accelerator on-board (Up to 26 TOPS) 


  • Small Form Factor Multi-Core Computer 
  • Scalable up to 3x Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Accelerators (Up to 78 TOPS)
  • 1x On-board 
  • 2x via EDGEBoost I/O Module 


  • High-Performance AI Edge Inference Computer 
  • Scalable up to 4x Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Accelerators via EDGEBoost I/O Module (Up to 104 TOPS) 

Premio’s EDGEboost I/O modules are modular plug-and-play solutions compatible with Premio’s RCO Series industrial computers. EDGEBoost I/O modules provide flexible customization to match I/O requirements within a passively cooled, ruggedized design. With EDGEBoost I/O modules, system integrators can linearly scale the number of AI Accelerators in compatible Premio computers, increasing total TOPs and AI inference acceleration at the rugged edge. Discover Premio core design technology EDGEBoost I/O modules. 

“Not only do we provide a scalable portfolio of HAILO-8™ supported products in our RCO Series line of edge computers, our unique EDGEBoost I/O module provides flexibility and outperforms the leading competition with up to 4x HAILO-8™ modules in our RCO-6000 Series fanless industrial computer,” Seetoo added.

Hailo’s M.2 AI Accelerators have also been tested and benchmarked with Premio’s RCO Series to validate performance on the most utilized frameworks in AI workloads. Each Hailo-8™ AI Accelerator has reached 100% utilization rates for popular AI training models (ResNet, MobileNet, EfficientNet, SSD_MobileNet, and YOLOv5) and provides linear performance scaling as additional accelerators are added to a Premio RCO series industrial computer.  

“Premio is joining a growing number of manufacturers across industries who understand how crucial it is to integrate AI capabilities into their edge platforms,” said Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo. “Our Hailo-8 M.2 modules empower companies like Premio to create new powerful, cost-efficient, innovative AI-based products with a short time-to-market – while staying within the systems’ thermal constraints. The high efficiency and top performance of Hailo’s modules enable data center-class AI capabilities on the edge” Danon also said.

Premio’s RCO Series ruggedized industrial computers range from fanless mini to high performance and offer a full range of purpose-built features and modular options with EDGEBoost technologies for additional I/O and performance acceleration. Having been tested and validated for enhanced reliability with wide temperature, input voltage, and shock and vibration resistance, each system is designed to deliver tailored edge computing solutions for Industry 4.0 automation. 

To learn more about HAILO-8™ AI Accelerators and compatible Premio products, please visit or contact our embedded computing experts at 


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