Your Intro to Intel Scalable System Framework

Businesses exist to solve problems. That is a fundamental truth organizations and professionals around the world over understand. As we move further into the 21st century, the problems businesses are tasked with solving are becoming more and more complex and the need to leverage the processing power of “supercomputers” to analyze the mountains of data involved is becoming more common. This makes processing power a vital part of helping a modern business achieve their primary goal. The supercomputers analyzing the data are often actually a cluster of servers running in parallel, performing what is commonly referred to as high-performance computing. Under the hood, high-performance computing requires much more than just processing power. While high-performance computing helps solve real-world problems today, it is also plagued by some fundamental problems of its own. Many high-performance computing systems are imbalanced and plagued by storage, memory, and network bottlenecks that prevent organizations from getting the most out of their supercomputer level processing power. Additionally, a lack of standardization in the world of high-performance computing has led to less than optional applications, barriers to entry, and highly disjointed deployments where one organization may need to implement multiple systems that cannot integrate and communicate efficiently. Intel has begun an ambitious effort to bring standardization and innovation to the world of high-performance computing with their Scalable System Framework (SSF). Intel’s SSF looks to serve as an innovation enabling framework that will help make high-performance computing more accessible and scalable. In this paper, we will review the topic of high-performance computing, current challenges facing the high-performance computing market, what Intel SSF is and how it addresses the current challenges, what that means for your business, and how Premio can help you architect your next (or first) high-performance computing system. To read the full Intel Scalable Framework Paper, click here.