World-Class Solutions Help Industry-Leading Log & Security Intelligence Platform Expand Globally

Discovering a Reliable Hardware Manufacturing Partner, Willing to Provide Global Support

The industry’s leading scalable log and security intelligence platform, specifically designed for enterprise and the cloud, approached us with a very specific need. As experts in software development with a high-demand product, They were challenged with finding a flexible manufacturing OEM partner that could build servers, thoroughly test them for each revision and update of their software and provide support locally as well as in EMEA and APAC.

A Dedicated Project Team, World-Class Solutions, Worldwide Reach

Premio provided customized servers that were specific to the client's unique requirements. After being built, the hardware was tested thoroughly at Premio’s facilities, so the servers could run current software as well as support older versions. The client also expressed that providing constant uptime to its end users would be paramount in their partnership. To execute on that goal, Premio implemented the following:

  • Custom order tracking and service requests web portal.
  • Same-day advanced shipment and after-hours orders.
  • Fast turnaround depot repair and on-site service.
  • Inventory management.
  • Service centers located in North America, EMEA, and APAC
  • Domestic and international shipping

End of Life Support & Reverse Logistics

Examination are performed on all defective units returned to determine the cause of failure and corrective/preventative actions are then taken. Replacements are also pre-built to buffer inventory when products reach end of life. "Premio helped us successfully accomplish our goal of client expansion while maintaining the standards we expected. Premio delivers professional client service, exceptional on-time delivery, outstanding technical support, and our logistics are handled with the utmost quality. " Carlos M. Cabello Vice President of Operations & IT, Manufacturing, Fulfillment & Logistics

Decreased Development Time & Cost, Improved Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Development time and cost for new products were decreased and the client greatly decreased their product returns and manufacturing lead time without compromising quality. The partnership resulted in the client's success in providing clients with superior hardware for their cutting-edge software. Working with Premio, the client reports that it has:

  • Increased product and service revenues and profitability
  • Enhanced product and service uptime and availability
  • Reduced inventory and part acquisition costs
  • Successful global expansion into the EMEA & APAC markets


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