Travel Passport Free

The airport is one of the most stressful and tiring places we frequent to get to our destinations for leisure. When we are about to take a trip, the first thing we think about is car traffic and the long lines waiting for security checks. It is always busy at airports no matter what time of the year you leave for a “stress free” vacation. You’ll get one...but after you deal with the stress of the airport. While security measures have been expedited throughout the years due to advancement in technology and knowledge, Australia is seeking an even better way to expedite things and make airports safer. Australia’s mission is to ensure the safety of its civilians, speed up check in time, and make it more seamless. They’re introducing and implementing facial recognition software into their airports that will eventually replace passports. Australia is setting aside $22.5 million to install smart gates at their airports, their goal is to have this facial recognition software be fully available for use by the time they host the Commonwealth Games. The Games will be held in Queensland, Australia in April 2018. The program will identify the person based on their face, eye, and fingerprints; voiding the use of another person’s identity. The implementation has started since July and is set to expand to all of Australia’s airports by 2019. The pressure to implement this software is not only to keep their civilians safe and to expedite traveling for the games, but it is also aiming to help with countering terrorist attacks and crimes such as money laundering and smuggling. Australia’s goal is to also make international outbound and inbound flights as seamless and easy as if their visitors/citizens were flying a domestic flight. These smart gates will be equipped with the facial recognition software needed to make them more capable to speed up check ins and “will enable passengers from more countries to be processed using facial recognition.” Prime Minister Turnbull also plans to improve law enforcement officer’s resources. Law Enforcement can take up to “seven days to be able to verify someone’s identity or seek to match a photograph of somebody that is a person of interest.” The installation of this system will be able to access drivers’ license photos, visa photos, and passport photos. He believes that this will eventually let law enforcement officers cross-check identity quickly and in real time. Australia’s goals to dramatically increase their security will require more than just software. To achieve their goals, they will need to upgrade their existing physical systems. Premio’s rugged tablets will work harmoniously with this new system. The rugged tablets were designed to withstand extreme conditions and extreme use. “These rugged tablets are rated IP65/67 for dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof; all the ports are completely protected against dust ingress as well as water immersion protection.” With Premio’s rugged tablets, performance at airports will be streamlined and functional. They will remain durable in response to the expected heavy usage.

What do the people think?

This ingenious software utilizing facial recognition is receiving a lot of criticism from people who believe it is undermining their civil rights and freedoms. New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian empathizes with critics but agrees that this measure is for the greater good. “All of us are having to reconsider our civil rights and compromise on those things but I think the vast majority of the public wants us to put safety first.” The information being provided to law enforcement officers and being implemented into these systems is already government knowledge. The information is being replaced into one database so that cross referencing identities will be easier. The only people that should be wary of these smart gates and this facial recognition software are people of interest. This system stands to benefit a lot of people by keeping them safer due to the increased terrorist attacks that have been happening all over the world. This is only a safety precaution to protect more lives. The software will be able to catch people who have been traveling under false identities. Depending on the success of this venture, these smart gates could be at your local airport in the near future as well.   Original Sources: SBS, Youtube, and News Image: Gulf News