Touch Overlay Offers a More Convenient Solution

The larger digital signage gets, the more attention they can command, which is especially desirable for interactive digital signage products. However, due to the size, transportation and maintenance can be problematic for end users. As luck would have it, touch overlay provides a user-friendly solution for large screen touch applications. For anyone who isn’t aware of the technology, a touch overlay is a frame that can be laid on top of LED and LCD monitors/screens, to quickly add touch function without the need to replace the display. In the last few years, touch overlay has been made available for screens of all sizes and, as a result, the solution’s popularity has soared.

Here are 5 good reasons why touch overlay is a more convenient solution:

Easy Upgrade Rather than having to replace an entire monitor, most applications can be upgraded to have touch screen capabilities, which is what makes touch overlay such a great solution. Companies that have already invested in monitors can simply overlay a frame onto the existing displays and enjoy the plug and play touch feature.

Easy Transportation Back in 2012, the most popular size for digital signage was 55”, but now people are looking into 80”-84” screens.  As the product sizes continue to increase, it’s becoming more expensive to ship entire integrated touch monitors around. Shipping costs for touch screen overlays, on the other hand, are much cheaper. Rather than shipping 4 monitors on a pallet, 10 overlays can be packed in 1 crate for easy transportation.

Easy Assembly Most people do not like assembling furniture or hardware.  Luckily, attaching touch overlay onto your display is fast and easy.  Even if the touch overlays are meant for large displays, they still weigh much less than an actual monitor and don’t require two or three people just to get them out of the box. The whole assembly can be done in 5-10 minutes.

Easy Maintenance A lot of Interactive, digital signs are used in public areas, where they are susceptible to damage. Kids sometimes draw on the glass or even carve their names into the bezel. No matter how anti-scratch the glass is though, it will not block damage from a sharp object. Fortunately, touch overlays can be removed for easy clean up and would be easy to ship back to the factory for a glass or bezel swap.

Non-stop performance It is becoming more and more common for users to utilize touch overlays, commercial displays and OPS systems in conjunction. This combination can provide long lasting and zero-downtime performance. It is easy to remove each part for maintenance purposes, as you can pull out the touch overlay, the display or the OPS as a component and slide the replacement unit in without having to shut down.  The entire solution can also be sent back to the factory for repair or troubleshooting.  All of these factors contribute to savings on both downtime and the shipping costs. In the end, most of the touch screen overlays are using optical or IR touch technology with very attractive pricing. Further, with such competitive pricing, touch overlay can provide great quality and excellent performance with all the easy upgrade and maintenance advantages.