Real-Time Computing on the Factory Floor

Premio’s AI GPU computing for automated inspection transforms quality control operations, runs complex vision algorithms, and consolidates workloads.


Processing complex visual tasks more efficiently than the human eye requires data in real time and lots of it. Specialized computer hardware like industrial GPU computing solutions must be powerful enough to run complex vision algorithms and consolidate workloads that resemble data center computing. For system developers, this unique set of performance requirements underscores the engineering roadblocks common to the rugged edge: how to facilitate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in heavy industrial environments that are environmentally rigorous, uncontrolled, or subject to instability.

In these environments, legacy systems commonly coexist with newer devices that have the ability to record and process data, driving a need to update manufacturing infrastructures. With the right hardware strategy, data can be collected, analyzed, and delivered back into the manufacturing system in real time, seamlessly driving more intelligent decision-making. It is an infrastructure shift that redefines the factory floor, tapping into deeper levels of data and making it actionable for long-term competitive value. AI-powered metrology provides an example – it’s the intersection of high-performance compute systems, advanced vision and lighting technologies, and IoT connectivity.

Metrology is a critical process for any product coming off a manufacturing line; however, some products have even less room for error than others. Medical devices, for example, those that are implanted in the human body, are regulated by a 100 percent inspection requirement. Today, AI-powered metrology has also enabled manufacturers of consumer electronics with a 100 percent inspection option – increasing manufacturers’ ability to inspect and measure elements that were previously unable to be measured. As many as 400-500 critical dimensions can now be measured in a few seconds, unheard of through traditional metrology operations. Using Premio’s VCO-6020-1050Ti GPU-based industrial computer with machine vision capabilities as a compute engine, millions of data points can be captured per second and complex geometries with multiple facets are analyzed down to microns, or a millionth of a meter.  

In manufacturing, the industrywide effort to tap into data generated by both legacy and modernized systems is probably one of the best and most accurate definitions of digital transformation. For a deeper dive into advanced automation at the rugged edge, check out our article in Electronic Products – this material features a real-world example of AI-powered metrology deployed by a global provider of industrial automation and metrology solutions. Connect with the Premio engineering team  to gain more insight into smart hardware strategies that can enable emerging data-driven applications like advanced robotics and machine learning. From design to manufacturing to deployment, Premio is ready to collaborate as your partner in intelligent automation, helping you capitalize on data at or near the data source.