Quick RMA Turnover Reduces Product Downtime

If digital signage goes offline, a hospital can lose it’s digital wayfinding capabilities, making it much more difficult for patients, visitors and staff to navigate the hospital. If a data-server fails, a company can lose access to pertinent data, like patient files, and may even lose their ability to communicate across their network. No matter what hardware solution(s) a company uses, it can be tumultuous when they go down, and, although we don’t want to have to worry about such things, a system needs to be in place to get them back up and running as soon as possible. There are certain steps a manufacturing partner can take to help you reduce downtime, fulfill inventory and optimize the efficiency of the field service technicians. To ensure you are covered in the event of serious hardware failures, we have devised a few essential tools and services that you should look for in an outsourced manufacturing partner.

RMA Web Portal

Your partner should have software that manages the complete product return lifecycle. When one of our customers initiate an RMA request with our online RMA portal, they can check on the status at anytime until the completion of the repair.

Advanced Replacement

In order to reduce turnaround time, your partner should anticipate the end of a product lifecycle or potential issues by supplying a replacement/refurbished unit, in advance.

Depot Repair

Technicians should be factory-trained and able to diagnose problems efficiently.

Onsite Service

Cost of equipment ownership and downtime can be lowered with onsite service solutions. Premio customizes a cost effective onsite service program that improves productivity and customer satisfaction, while balancing response times and cost. And we work with partners to support customers in over 90 countries around the world.

Buffer Inventory

Our service team is working closely with our supply chain to monitor the End-of-life products and replenish enough buffer inventories to ensure we can immediately and effectively handle quick RMA turnaround time for repairs & replacement. A really good manufacturing partner, doesn’t solely look to maximize product uptime, they also recognize that products fail and do everything they can to reduce downtime. One of the many advantages of Premio’s customer service. Along with product warranties, we offer a full range of reverse logistics services, which our competitors will not or cannot perform.

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