Premio's End-to-end Industrial Grade Computing Solution

Reduce Overhead Labor Costs & Increase Product Efficiency

Primarily focused on their fully-automated rental kiosks, our client accounts for more than 51% of the DVD rental business in North America. The hardware at the heart of the kiosks was based on an off-the-shelf PC. These PC’s were at the mercy of environmental conditions, like temperature and dust and required constant system image changes due to basic hardware changes every 6 to 9 months. With no local, centralized service and support with their vendor, our client had to make time-consuming service calls daily. The standard on-site service offered by the off-the-shelf PC vendor did not cater to the level of in-field service required for the kiosk machines. One example was longer than acceptable lead-times for onsite service.

Create A Custom Solution Ensuring Reliability

Premio’s custom-built, industrial-grade solution was specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs, and we offered a fully-supported 3-Year lifecycle product, guaranteeing no hardware changes on our end to their primary image. The solution was given more reliable internal components and an overall reliable design to withstand certain environmental conditions related to factors like temperature, dust, accessibility, and serviceability. We also redesigned the computing unit for the kiosks to make the hardware more easily accessible, reducing service time on each unit. On the service side, we provide superior logistics and care in service and support.

Custom Solution Reducing Labor Costs & Increasing Product Efficiency

Since 2013, Premio has a documented hardware failure rate of less than 1.9%; a record that is much lower than the consumer-grade computers our customer has experienced. Overall system and business performance indicators have far exceeded the client’s expectations and they are extremely happy with their new support system, especially the overall reduction in overhead costs from better-performing hardware and more prompt and effective service. “Whenever an issue arose Premio was always there to work with us,” said one happy kiosk employee. “They would even come out to our office locations if it was needed.” Subsequently, Premio was awarded for “Outstanding Customer Service in 2013.”


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