Premio's All-In-One Panel PC Helps Large International Airport Create New Tower Control Display Unit

Replacing Standard Desktop With An All in One Embedded System

When Premio was approached by one of the largest and busiest airports in the nation to help create and implement a system for their new air control traffic tower, we took it upon ourselves to go beyond the call of duty to supply them with the right product. In order for them to maintain the constant traffic that they are fed with everyday, SFO needed a ruggedized system that would not fail in mission critical environments. Originally, SFO was utilizing standard desktop computers that ran into many issues. With this approach, wires and space was being used up unnecessarily. In addition to this, the client would often run into many PC issues that would often compromise their mission critical environment. SFO’s new air traffic control tower required many specialized and compact equipment that could not fail in an mission-critical environment. Every flight coming in and out of SFO needed direct contact with the control tower 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, due to space limitations, SFO needed an ideal system that can be integrated without the use of a keyboard or mouse. They also required a system which will be able to control and monitor crucial programs such as the Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), Distance Measuring Equipment (DMEs) as well as various lighted navaids such as RVR, ALS, PAPI, VASI, REIL and associated Engine Generators at particular airports. With such a a heavy demand, Premio designed and created an easily deployable all in one embedded solution that will provide the longevity that SFO requires all while lowering the cost of ownership.

Custom Solution Reduces Total Cost Of Ownership And Failure

Premio dived beyond the typical industrial application requirements and designed an innovative modular series of touchscreen panel by supporting more extensive features, such as wide voltage 9~48VDC power input, removable SSD/HDD Drive tray, wide range of processor selections, rich I/O, PoE support. The result became our VIO Rugged Series with touch screen integration. By combining a modular monitor and panel PC into one seamless system with touch screen integration, Premio helped save SFO space, cost of ownership and maintenance costs. By the end of the project, Premio's All In One Panel PC were fully implemented across the airport and helped improve the reliability of air traffic control. "Some critical features that make this touch screen flat panel computer perfect for this application in SFO project are its fanless system design, solid state drive storage, no physical control buttons on the front panel, low glare glass, good quality sound, great brightness range for day/night operation and dual networks for extra reliability,” said Dave Henderson, Project Engineer at FAA National Airway Systems Engineering.  

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