Meeting a Critical Deadline on Over 10,000 Kiosks

Upgrading kiosk computers for an urgent regulatory compliance

To maintain full compliance with FCC rules, the leader in US DVD rental kiosks needed critical upgrades to over 10,000 kiosks—and they needed it done in less than four months. Since this customer is a publicly traded company, lack of compliance with government regulations could have had dire repercussions to their business, including an adverse effect on stock prices.

Swift in Action & Dedication to Meeting Customer’s Needs

Premio synchronized its engineering, supply chain, and operations teams while simultaneously mobilizing its suppliers and partners to complete all project deliverables within 14 weeks (including chassis tooling, PCB fabrication, and regulatory certifications). The new product, with custom components from top to bottom, would also require a sophisticated risk management plan and, with this in mind worked to mitigate any unforeseen risks that could jeopardize the project schedule. By combining additional software drivers into one master image so that one images would support multiple kiosk models we were able to eliminate the overhead of managing multiple images during deployment operations. We also introduced Flexstar hard disk screening process during product manufacturing so that the customer could benefit from a higher production yield rate with better system reliability.

Full Compliance, Lowered Failure Rate & Huge Cost Savings

By the end of the project, more than 10,000 robust industrial-grade computers were deployed to sustain 24/7 kiosk operations, and they did so with less than a 1.9% field failure rate after two years in service. “We were extremely impressed with their willingness to take on such a challenging project, said an executive of the client. “And equally impressed with their ability to deliver results.” On top of speed and quality, cost of ownership in operations also drastically improved. All told, this embedded pc solution saved the client company millions in worldwide operations.


[ddownload id="4215"] Case Study: Rental Kiosk Premio's End to end Industrial Grade Computing