Interactive Digital Signage Solution Custom-Designed for Children's Hospital

When a prominent children’s hospital in Palo Alto, California, came to us, we sat down with them to discuss all of their HW requirements and possible solutions. Like many businesses, they were unique and had their own needs that off-the-shelf, consumer-grade products could not solve. We determined that they needed custom-designed hardware and software, “We needed robust digital signage that major manufacturers weren’t able to offer on a scale while complying with ADA and OSHPD requirements and sustaining high performance and easy IT manageability.” ~ Project Manager of Planning, Design & Construction.

Durable and Compliant, Dynamic Multimedia Information Solution

Our client needed to post and update a large amount of critical multimedia information. These important messages had to be efficiently conveyed to patients, their family members, and hospital. In addition, our customer wanted a user-friendly, interactive, and handicapped-accessible digital way-finding solution to improve the visitor experience throughout the facility. Finally, the hardware and software needed to be capable of sustaining 24/7 operation in a high-traffic, high-dependency, and a heavily regulated environment.

Innovative, All-In-One and Easy-to-Deploy Solution

Premio’s iGoLogic division partnered with 22 Miles to design and implement a self-contained, all-in-one touch kiosk system. For hardware, Premio’s HCDS-42 solution provided an Industrial-grade 42 inch LED panel (which includes a highly-durable, scratch-resistant 7H tempered glass screen, an Intel® Core i5 processor generating lag-free, full HD 1080p resolution, Intel HD graphics). Additional features included:
    • Highly-sensitive, multi-touch screens
    • High-speed networking connectivity with dual Intel® Gigabit LAN ports
    • Non-mechanical storage with ultra-fast Flash-based memory and disk storage
    • A safe and reliable internal medical-grade power supply
    • IT-friendly serviceability with a locking accessible I/O compartment
    • Multi-media capabilities supported by internal amplified speakers.
Premio developed a one-of-a-kind HCDS-42 enclosure with the leading-edge antimicrobial coating throughout to help mitigate germs spreading in the healthcare environment.

Real-Time Updates Improve Facility Experience, at Lower Cost of Ownership

The solution enabled campus-wide publishing of dynamic information that saves crucial time. The hospital and clinic facilities can quickly feature any type of digital media and custom facility maps, news headlines, weather reports, emergency alerts, and promotions through a simple-to-use interface.