How Industrial Touchscreens Change the Way Companies Do Business

Touchscreen technologies have been satisfying business requirements for over four decades as companies rely on electronics to monitor and control thousands of industrial processes. In How Does Touchscreen Technology Work, you learned how touchscreens have transformed and expanded since the 1970s to include four main types of touchscreens used by consumers and industries: resistive, projected capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and optical infrared. Touch screen technology now more than ever before is enabling users for added workplace efficiency, simplified operations, and increased productivity using an interface that integrates with thousands of industrial machines of every scale.  

Where Industrial Touchscreens Fit In

Industrial rated touchscreens are not for kids—or are they? Industrial touchscreens are being used above and beyond the commercial explosion for state-of-the-art smartphones, the best touchscreen laptops, and all-in-one touchscreen computers. It is no surprise the popularity of touchscreens in fabrication plants and on shop floors, but consider the display requirements at your local IMAX theatre, at a nearby outdoor concert venue, or for a Disney on-screen production. Maybe industrial 3d touch screens are for kids. The fact is, industrial touchscreens are changing the way companies do business. Take a look at some other applications where industrial touchscreens fit in:

  • Aerospace cockpits and military display systems
  • ATMs and bank operations
  • High-tech, food processing, and other production plants
  • Indoor and outdoor concert venues
  • Interactive kiosks in restaurants, airports, malls, hospitals, and more
  • Marine and other offshore installations
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Process control for Industrial applications
  • Location and map information in high-rise office buildings
  • Security stations and computer rooms
  • Self-ticketing for transportation (train, air, bus, etc.)
  • Shopping and vending alternatives
  • Sporting, arcade, and gaming venues
  • So many more

Touch Screen ATM Machine

When you recognize the industries worldwide that rely on touch screens and digital displays, you develop a great appreciation for the technology behind them. Each industry application requires unique features and properties, so not all industrial display solutions are created equal.

Advantages to Industrial Touchscreens

When industrial touch screen solutions are paired for excellent performance and usage, the advantages are broad and extend to companies, users, and customers alike. Some of these pros are not as obvious as you might think, as they are built into intricate touchscreen and digital display designs and manufactured for certain unique applications:

  • Contamination-Resistant. Anti-microbial treatment prevents the spread and contamination of certain bacteria and germs, which is critical in the healthcare and medical environments.
  • Flexibility. Configurations for touch screens are endless and offer flexible alternatives when customization is needed.
  • Dust- and Water-Resistant. An IP-65 touch monitor with IP-65 capability can fend off dust and withstand front water splash, both essential in outdoor settings and in factory workshops.
  • Reliability. Industrial touch screens have a high mean time between failures (MTBF) to sustain 24/7 operation.
  • Hardened Glass Treatment. Most touch screen displays are chemically treated to increase the hardness for scratch resistance.
  • Wide Temperature Range. Industrial touchscreens with the right setup can operate from -20C to 70C without service interruption.
  • Sunlight Readability. Industrial touchscreens offer 2,000 nits of brightness for readability under the sun, unlike a smartphone that has less than 700 nits of brightness, making it difficult to read in full sunlight.  

Office Touch Screen Tablet

With the popularity of touchscreen technology offering simplicity in user interaction and design, the demand is high in nearly every industry today. While costs for industrial touchscreens have become relatively competitive, an industrial display solution is a serious endeavor and an investment that should last. Finding the right touchscreen (or non-touchscreen) solution is imperative to the success of your operation.

The Right Touchscreen for the Right Application  

The interactive display business offers more than a smartphone as an integral part to industrial processes. Once you determine the industrial display solution you require—projected capacitive (PCAP), infrared, optical, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and resistive touch—there are varying display types and features sets to align with your industry application needs. The value in matching the right touchscreen technology solution with the right application is essential. The choice affects system performance, overall effectiveness, and the users that will be on the front end.

Touchscreens Made To Last

Industrial interactive display products by Premio are built for durability and performance. California-based Premio provides their own design and manufacturing services on a 5,400 sq ft production floor. They also partner with OEM/ODMs for custom touch screens ranging from 5 inches to 106 inches. The Premio suite of industrial display solutions includes various models for each of the following display types to meet client needs in every industry:

  • Industrial Open Frame Display-5 models
  • Industrial Closed Frame Display-5 models
  • Industrial Display LCD Kit-10 models
  • Industrial PC/Touch Monitor -12 models

Pictured: 21.5" FHD Touch Monitor with Resistive/Capacitive Touch

Whatever the size and scale of your display project, Premio’s state-of-the-art industrial display solutions include a minimum of the following features:

  • Touch kit and LCM air bonding on 5”-24”
  • Custom touch-cover lens design
  • Custom sheet-metal enclosure w/custom logo silk screening
  • Custom monitors in open frames (with or without touch screen)
  • Custom touch-overlay
  • Custom all-In-one panel (PC)
  • Product certification
  • Large screen-projected, capacitive touch film lamination service on 23.8”- 90”

Keep in mind, many of Premio’s precision display screens offer optional touchscreen integration, brightness options, and optical bonding when your application involves the great outdoors. Enclosure customization is also an option as needed. Premio has been serving customers in the industrial space with certified, high-quality manufacturing for over 20 years, and we stand behind a proven customer advocate program our customers love.

Why Premio Touchscreen Solutions?

With the Premio reputation for innovative and revolutionary design and manufacturing of world-class digital products, there is no question as to why customers choose Premio touchscreen solutions. As technology evolves, so does the advancement in Premio industrial display models, in order to meet high-end demands across the globe. When you are in the business of serving nearly every industry, you can’t afford to offer any less than precision quality workmanship and superior customer support. Not only that, Premio has an established history of supplying a diverse range of leading worldwide companies with the industrial display products and services that have helped them get where they are today.

Office Monitor

When you choose Premio industrial display solutions for your business, you sign up success. Our mission is to, “go to extraordinary lengths to solve the most formidable challenges faced by our customers.” We are more than a partner, and you can count on agility, speed, and precision to satisfy your needs.

As your technological needs evolve and change, touchscreen technology is changing the face of your user-to-computer interactions. The touchscreen advantages speak for themselves. Companies are seeking flexibility, portability, reliability, and simplicity at a minimum for their industry facing processes, and Premio provides solutions for the decades ahead. Current with technology, immersed in change, and present with the applications where touch screen and digital display are valuable, Premio is prepared to meet your toughest challenges.

Let the Premio team serve as your trusted OEM and ODM for every digital touchscreen need. We help you find the solutions that align with your business goals, and you receive the highest quality parts, materials, and services on the market to respond to your needs and the needs of your customers. Let us change the way you do business with cutting-edge industrial display solutions.