[Free eBook] The CIO's Guide To Data Centers

Did you know that $300,000 is lost every half hour of downtime? Data centers are the backbone of enterprise IT infrastructure and any CIO or IT decision maker looking to maximize their IT investment will benefit from understanding the purpose of, equipment in, and use cases for data centers. Building a good data center requires more than just knowledge of computing equipment and switchgear, and areas like cooling, power, and physical security aren’t usually an IT professional’s area of expertise. Here at Premio, we understand the difficulty it takes to build and maintain a great data center. With this understanding, we created a eBook that explains the basics and must knows for any IT decision maker when it comes to choosing the right product for their center. In this eBook, we touch upon some of the key aspects of data centers, why they’re important, and what CIOs and IT decision makers need to know. You will learn everything that is needed for make the right choices and how CIOs and IT professionals can be prepared to have run successful data center.