A Hands-On Experience: Four Industries Changed by Waterproof Touchscreen Computers

Touch-based technology simplifies the interface between operator and machine. For this reason, it is preferably used for many leading-edge industrial applicationsMany of these applications expose the hardware to wet, dusty and/or caustic environments that can severely impact the lifespan of devices not designed to accommodate such conditionsIntuitive, simple usability of the touch monitors substantially simplifies the handling of the machine or the PC, enabling more efficient work procedures.   

Food and Beverage Manufacturing 

Food processing companies are bound by strict hygienic and safety guidelines, extending to the type of machinery used. Touchscreen computers must meet the harsh requirements of the food-processing industry to comply with various sanitation regulationsIP69K-rated rugged touchscreen computers can be easily cleaned alongside other facility equipment where product quality and purity are critical. They can be fully cleaned using temperatures approaching boiling, high pressure jets, strong industrial disinfectants, and industry standard detergents. Additionally, washdown touchscreen computers with Type 316 stainless-steel construction offer advanced corrosion resistance against the variety of corrosive, acidic and caustic media in play through the food and beverage manufacturing, as well as the potency of cleaning solutions used. 

Unlike conventional resistive touch panels, rugged washdown touchscreen computers include capacitive technology that protect against moisture and chemicals. Capacitive capabilities have quick response sensor to touch so users can enter data with gloves on (wearing gloves is part of food safety standards). It also supports multi-touch ability which support familiar motions such as pinch-to-zoom or drag and drop. This creates a completely different user experience to resistive technology and allows workers to work faster without frustrations of technological issues.  

Washdown touchscreen computers utilize intelligent software that gives companies many options as over configuring, measure, assessing, and recording their data. Their user-friendly graphic interface and high brightness display resolutions create easy interactions between personnel and control machinery. Food manufacturing giants are integrating washdown touchscreen computers into their processing plants to apply high-quality standards across all its products. The longevity, ruggedness and functionality of these computers allow food processing workers to quickly and efficiently execute high-level tasks.  


Smart Agriculture 

Farm managers and field workers are exposed to variety of temperature and weather conditions daily. The nature of the environment subjects dispatched touchscreen computers to significant water, chemical and dirt exposure. The latest rugged innovations in industrial waterproof touchscreen computers allow workers within the agricultural industry harness rich IoT operability without having to wait for bad weather to clear or more favorable conditions.   

Many industrial waterproof touchscreen computers are rated to prevent aggressive liquid and dust penetration. Their stainless steel enclosureresist corrosion from water and harsh caustic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticidesAdditionally, the some computers feature sunlight-readable displays for outdoor applications like crop management.  

Waterproof touchscreen computers are designed versatile and equipped for a multitude of functions. The computers allow farmers to create comprehensive profiles of their farms with detailed maps and interactive field plans. Likewise, farmers can also use waterproof touchscreen computers to precisely record soil samples. The samples provide critical information like nutrient profiles, fertilizer data and soil type. Additionally, the computers can display accurate data on climate, crop health, and field topography for effective farm management and crop yield. Their ability to display maps, generate reports and transmit data with exact precision in real time is all possible due to full IoT connectivity.  


Livestock Management  

In this age-old industry, environmental exposures like feed dust, skin dander, and animal waste pose seriously operational hazards to business hardware. Livestock managers require durable and waterproof touchscreen computers that can handle repeated drops and provide complete protection from dust and water sprays.  

Livestock managers are deploying more nimble, rugged compute technology in harsh areas for purposes of record keeping, organizing and analyzing herd data, and RFID scanning. Waterproof touchscreen computers can quickly input values like sex, weight, pregnancy progress, vaccination status and branding through dedicated software support. Such simple data entry features improve operational productivity and reduce administrative downtime and costs. Additionally, their IoT connectivity offers seamless communication of information across multiple devices so that farmers can generate reports in the field for quick decision making or send it to a central server for in-depth analysis.  

Waterproof touchscreen computers are keeping the livestock industry innovative and competitive.  Their purpose-built design and versatility for myriad applications optimize day-to-day functions and allow companies to communicate more efficiently with customers and even expand on farm-to-home services.   


Connected Mines 

The mining industry entails tough, dirty and dangerous working conditions. Industrial touchscreen computers incorporate various features that facilitate smooth, safe and efficient operations.  Their stainless steel enclosures shield against impacts from rocks, debris and heavy equipment.  Additionally, many touchscreen displays employ 7H hardness to resist scratches from grit and sand that can rub against the screen through incidental contact or gloved hand interaction.  Moreover, a solid IP rating will ensure electrical hardware inside the terminals does not come into contact with corrosive liquids and potentially combustible gases, and will remain safe in wet or dusty conditions.  

Many touchscreen computers are equipped with internal and external applications that can improve and enhance working conditions in this demanding industry. They can manage industrial equipment to ensure proper working order and greatly reduce risks of on-site injuries. More impressively, they are built with wireless capabilities that enable functions like mine navigation, data transmission and safe efficient equipment control via remote operating system (ROS). Given the remoteness of most mining operation, strong connectivity allows management to track progress of mining crews on all projects, maintain proper schedules and manage timelines. The level of detail involved in the design and manufacturing of these computers allows businesses to optimize processes and reduce unpredictable downtime. 


Premio Waterproof Touchscreen Computers 

Premio offers two rugged series of watertight, stainless steel touchscreen computers.  The WIO Waterproof Touchscreen Computer is hardened for harsh, rigorous environments with considerable liquid and dust exposure.  The SIO Washdown Touchscreen Computer series are IP66/IP69K rated to withstand high pressure, high temperature cleanings of hygienic workspaces.  

Both low-profile stainless steel solutions offer reliable structural durability and corrosion resistance suited to their exposure.  The industrial touchscreen computers are designed for advanced HMI, industrial IoT applications and interactive display objectives in various wet settings.  

The WIO and SIO series are ruggedized against myriad punishing factors and optimized for advanced IoT operations.  Fanless architecture eliminates a prominent computing failure point while forgoing venting vulnerabilities.  They carry 7H hardness display glass to resist scratches from sharp objects and gritty contact with gloved hands.  Optional optical bonding preserves clarity and vibrancy throughout extended humid or foggy deployments.  Both are available with highly-receptive PCAP multi-touch technology for natural, responsive interaction with bare and gloved hands.  Industrial-grade locking M12 connectors enable secure, intrusion-resistant I/O union with a host of peripheral devices.  Wireless and cellular LTE technology reduce deployment complexity while enabling remote system management and automation capabilities.   

The WIO series’ high-utility Type 304 stainless steel provides exceptional corrosion resistance against a range of substances.    Full IP66 rated enclosure prevents forceful water and dust penetration.  Integrated heatsink technology and anterior heat-dispersion fins neutralize thermal concerns. Concentrated power from 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile-U processors offer great performance for heavier compute workloads.  Intel HD Graphics 620 provides Ultra HD resolution, while PCIe 3.0 supports robust device expansion.  The WIO is engineered for HMI operations, interactive display applications, and remote management in soaking, rough or treacherous settings.  Mining, agriculture and livestock management have a powerful new tool for reaping IoT efficiencies despite challenging hardware environments.  

While the WIO is optimized to sustain dirtier deployments, the SIO series are further engineered for hygienic and aseptic settings.  IP66/IP69K rated sealing supplies uncompromising water resilience to tolerate aggressive high pressure, high temperature washdowns essential to sanitary assurance.  Low-maintenance Type 316 stainless steel bestows advanced corrosion resistance against a vast wider range of caustic media.  Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad-Core Processor provides expanded compute, graphic and media capabilities to industrial IoT applications. Optional 1,000+ nit high brightness panels aid visibility in glaring environments.  Design innovations like flexible mounting options and straight AC-in power wiring simplify SIO deployments.  The SIO Series are also configurable with resistive touch technology provides high-precision single-point interaction.  Native controls to disable touchscreen functions allow for continued operation throughout washdowns.  The SIO’s remarkable suitability for hygienic environments makes it ideal for food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and cleanroom settings.  

Both industrial touchscreen computer series possess Premio’s rugged utility features like shock, vibration and extreme temperature tolerance.  Wide voltage input accommodates varied or fluctuating power sources, while integrated trusted platform modules (TPM 2.0) support powerful cybersecurity safeguards.  Cable-free architecture maintains reliable connection of internal components throughout dynamic deployments.