DWFritz and Premio Partner to Discuss Convergence of Metrology and Performance Edge Computers, Part 1 (Podcast)



Premio had the opportunity to sit down and talk shop with an industrial automation partner that is introducing advanced vision technology to answer the challenges of non-contact metrology with both precision accuracy and high performance speed over traditional coordinate measuring machines.

Our Senior Product Manager, Calvin Chen, joined by DWFritz's Director of Marketing, Laxman Rajagopalan, went through various topics on the strengths of industrial computing for advancing the automation industry forward with new avenues of innovation, technology, and data acquisition. In this partnership, we have forged together a new metrology platform utilizing laser sensors, camera vision, and image processing for measurements in microns that improve product yield and minimize defects during quality control.

“We use cameras and laser systems to measure critical dimensions of parts and those images need to be processed rapidly and need a high amount of computing power because Premio’s GPU allows us to instantly process these high contrast and complex images very rapidly. That allows us to measure the key critical dimensions that our customers require,” Rajagopalan said. “Without our computing power, we cannot do what we are doing now very well.”

Listen in and discover on Part 1 of this series the challenges and solutions used for a successful Premio Partnership.